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‘Baby Are You In?’ — new song by Kristin Kontrol

The evolution of Kristin Welchez continues with her latest song released today. Since the beginning of 2016, she has taken on the mantle of a solo artist under the name Kristin Kontrol, and it’s provided her the freedom to explore another sound.

She’s best known as the leader singer of the Dum Dum Girls who produced numerous records and EPs since 2008, mainly under the Sub Pop. Still attached to the same label now, Kristin Kontrol represents a new identity for the artist.

It becomes quite evident from a quick listen that she has geared herself towards synthpop. On Sub Pop’s website, she describes this rebirth by describing her influences and the genres she’s weaved in and out of:

The first music I felt was mine was classic 80s pop and 90s R&B, from Tiffany and Debbie Gibson to Janet Jackson and Madonna, to TLC and SWV… [B]ut for years I was hellbent on the rock’n’roll thing, revering Joan Jett, Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde…
With Kristin Kontrol I just wanted to try it all….I thought I’m Kate Bush covering Mariah.

While an artist is always to have his or her detractors when trying something new, it’s refreshing to see an artist move in a different direction. It provides insight into the various levels of creativity working behind the scenes and provides evidence that sometimes one genre can just be far too limiting.

Take a listen, and see if you like.

Genres: synthpop, new wave, dance

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