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11 Station F startups not to miss at CES

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As many of you already know, France sends an unusually high amount of startups to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. This year, roughly 360 startups from France are present, making it one of the best represented countries at the show.

Now, Station F is incredibly proud to contribute a few names to that list. We currently have 11 startups that are in Vegas making their mark. These companies not only represent very different industries but are also taking part in different programs on the Station F campus.

Connecting Food: blockchain for food transparency

ShakeUp Factory

Trust us and keep an eye out for this incredible startup. Connecting Food is a solution that uses blockchain to trace and certify food products in real time. Their tool LiveAudit is the first platform to allow B2B food actors and brands to verify food product conformity at every level of their complex supply chains. Today, Connecting Food is extending their technology to serve the end-consumer. Their latest tool LiveScan allows consumers to discover in-store the provenance of their products, in full transparency, via their smartphones.

Artiris: create your bespoke luxury home fragrance

EDHEC Program

With Artiris, high perfumery and French luxury meet patented technological excellence. A Winner of the CES 2019 Innovation Awards, their latest launch Compoz is a connected, made-to-measure perfume diffuser that allows you to create your own bespoke luxury home fragrance.

Marmelade: learn something every time you unlock your phone

Founders Program

On average, we unlock our home screens 150 times a day. Now, what if we used all these times as an effortless learning opportunity? Marmelade is a mobile home-screen app which allows you to unlock your smartphone by answering a question each time. A simple and effective micro-learning tool, whether it’s for studying for exams, onboarding new employees or just general upskilling.

Boarding Ring: motion sickness solutions

Arts et Métiers Acceleration

Another CES Innnovation Award Winner! Boarding Ring is a startup that develops motion sickness solutions: starting with Boarding Glasses for passengers affected by motion sickness in vehicles and now extending into fighting motion sickness in virtual reality with Boarding VAR, a direct add-on to existing VR equipment. Ideal for training programs or entertainment applications, Boarding VAR is a true game-changer for virtual reality: by reducing VR sickness, it ensures a seamless and immersive experience and thereby enables VR to really reach its full potential.

Photo Credit: CCI VAR

Numerized: 3D product imaging for e-commerce

HAVAS Program

Numerized is an interactive 3D digitization solution for E-Commerce. 3D assets built by Numerized can be integrated on product pages using a 3D web player, can directly be shared on Facebook posts, and be used as Snapchat lenses. Numerized’s solution is also optimized for iPhone and iPad: they allow users to visualize products in their environment through Augmented Reality, directly from their web browser (not from an app!)

FAC’iliti: improves internet browsing for people with disabilities

TF1 Media Lab

FAC’iliti aims to render the internet browsing experience accessible and inclusive for older adults and people with disabilities — such as low vision, Parkinson’s and dyslexia. Their tool adapts different website’s UX to meet the needs of each individual’s particular condition.

ProGlove: smart wearables for industries

HEC Program

ProGlove is a smart wearables startup founded by former BMW and IDEO employees after winning the “Make It Wearable” Challenge in Silicon Valley. Their smart wearables enable production and logistics workers — notably in the automotive, food trade and logistics industries — to work faster, safer and more ergonomically.

Quizflip: an electronic flashcard device

INSEAD Program

Flip is the world’s first electronic flashcard device. Inspired by flashcards that are widely used for studying, Flip has removed the pain point of shuffling large piles of paper cards around and built a device with two screens, displaying the question on one side and the answer on the other. Flip is ideal for studying, learning a new language, or simply to keep your memory and motor skills well sharpened.

Forward Labs: an elegant and portable Wi-Fi speaker

Founders Program

Forward Labs is a startup founded by former Apple engineer. Their first product, Padam, is a portable Wi-Fi speaker that allows direct access to your favorite playlists, internet radios, and podcasts through the simple twist of a dial. After the initial set-up, no phone is required.

Clevy: deploy chatbots within minutes, without any programming skills

ADN_x IFM Program

Clevy is a Saas platform that allows companies to easily create and monitor corporate chatbots to answer their employees’​ frequently asked questions.

Trillium Secure: cybersecurity for connected and autonomous vehicles

Thales Program

Another CES 2019 Innovation Award Winner! Trillium Secure builds a blockchain and AI-powered solution that keeps connected and autonomous vehicles safe from cyber-attacks.

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