Announcing the Fellowship: a new flexible offer for startups of all types

Hey everyone!

By now you’ve probably heard about the Founders Program. But today we are very happy to announce a new flexible offer that is designed for startups of all types: the Fellowship. The Fellowship functions as an annual membership, giving you access up to 5 days per month to a hot desk and to our killer community of startups.

The Fellowship: how it works

The Fellowship is an annual membership that includes:

  • access to a hot desk 5 days each month, bookable online.
  • access to campus events, networking gatherings,parties and our super secret rooftop jacuzzi (just kidding).
  • full time access to our online platform, which includes offers, services, tips and more for all Station F startups

To become a Fellow or a Fella, you must be an entrepreneur or a startup team member. This new offer is for startups and startups only, don’t try to be sneaking in if that’s not you :)

The process is very easy, you can fill out a quick form online at It takes about 2 minutes. Then, our team will make sure you fit before approving your membership. Done, it’s that simple. The fee is €900, which amounts to only €75 / month, paid annually.

All Fellowships will start in early July. Desks are *very* limited and will be allowed on a first-come first-served basis so, hurry up and apply!

So, who is the fellowship designed for?

  • Are you an entrepreneur from abroad but you come to Paris from time to time and you want to work in a place with tons of ambitious, like-minded people that doesn’t cost a million euros?
  • Or, maybe you’re an entrepreneur that is from another part of France and you’re regularly in Paris for meetings or work? Maybe you’re an entrepreneur that already has an office in Paris, or you are bootstrapping out of your home, but you are looking to gain access to a great community, events, offers and more?
  • Maybe you are too early-stage to join one of our on-site programs but want to join the campus anyway?
  • Or maybe you have embraced the nomad / remote / no office movement and are still looking to work in a startup-friendly environment?
  • Or, maybe you’re one of those people that just collects tons of memberships and well, you kind of have to have this one too?

For all those people, we’ve built the Fellowship. If you recognize yourself in one of these situations, we’re pretty sure you have a legit spot at STATION F, don’t forget to apply fast!

Here are a few cool startups that have already got themselves a few Fellowships :) They look like cool office neighbours, don’t you think?

👉 Join the Fellowship 👈