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Apr 22, 2019 · 7 min read

With the last five years being the hottest years in recorded history, climate change remains one of our most important environmental concerns at the moment. Being at STATION F, we take a look at how startups are using tech to help us protect our planet and transition to a more sustainable way of living. We do not have a startup program specific to GreenTech/CleanTech (yet!) but many of our startups are innovating in the sector across different industries. Meet eight of them for Earth Week!

Neoplants — designing the plants of the future

Entrepreneur First Program

We spend 90% of our time indoors, yet indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoors. Air purifiers don’t work against the main indoor air pollutants and existing green plants have zero impact in your home (sorry to break the myth!).

Lionel (Ex Google) and Patrick (PhD Genome Editing, ENS) use synthetic biology to develop the first indoor plant that can effectively purify the air in your home. A new category of plants, from indoors to outdoors, from air purification to carbon capture. Keep an eye out for Neoplants, they’re using synthetic biology to design the plants of the future.

Wivaldy — to manage your energy consumption

Founders Program

Wivaldy provides a simple and accessible mean for users to manage their energy consumption and reduce their electricity bill. Their online analysis helps choose consumers the options that best fit their habits, identifies electricity wastes and ensures long term savings.

They believe that by providing meaningful data, users can be empowered to take an active part to fighting climate change and accelerate the energy transition.

Wivaldy gathers engineers, social science and market expertises to create a unique user-centered experience. They work with the main actors in the energy field to create a service accessible to millions of households equipped with smart meters, such as the Linky and Gazpar in France.

MajaMaja — autonomous houses for off-grid living

HEC Program

Maja Maja builds 100% self-sufficient living units that are designed for ecotourism and sustainable land development projects. They use advance off-grid technology — solar panels to produce electricity and a military-inspired water filtration system to supply clean water — which means that the houses can be built anywhere and self-sustain. Additionally, their unique pre-construction techniques allows them to build fast and scale quickly. From a single Maja Maja house to a whole eco-village, their design is suitable for projects of all sizes. They are currently partnering with cities and communities for eco-village land development pilots.

Urban Canopee — spreading plant canopies across cities to fight climate change

Ponts et Chaussées Program

Our cities are facing three major challenges nowadays: exponential urbanization, atmospheric pollution, and climate change. These challenges make our cities more vulnerable and less liveable: increasing extreme temperatures, creation of urban heat islands, loss of biodiversity, mineralization of spaces, hydric stress and rising pollution.

Urban Canopee is offering an innovative solution to fight urban pollution and climate change — they deploy plant canopies across cities to help regulate heat islands, to restore urban biodiversity, to fight against air pollution and to improve the overall quality of life for urban-dwellers.

Created in 2016, Urban Canopee has been recognized as an outstanding GreenTech project by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition & Solidarity and has won many other prizes including the “Quartier de l’Innovation Urbaine” challenge and the C40 Cities Women4Climate Tech challenge. This year, they were selected to represent the Ile de France region at the CES in Las Vegas.

OOPLA —everyday kits to reduce our ecological footprint and save money

Founders Program

OOPLA builds kits that help us be more eco-friendly in our everyday routine activities. Their first kit, for example, consists of water-saving thimbles that can easily be installed on taps and showerheads. It allows users to reduce their water consumption by up to 50% and save up to 140 €/person/year on their hydro bills. Their second kit is designed for users to be more eco-friendly every time they brush their teeth and the third kit for every time they take care of their face.

The OOPLA team and the first OOPLA kit for water-saving

Founded by two brothers, their goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to reduce their ecological footprint while being economical.

Each OOPLA kit is assembled in France by disabled people and, for each box bought, a tree is planted in a country affected by deforestation. All of them are designed to generate savings and allow people to help save the planet while saving money.

Zephyre — charging stations for electric vehicles made easy!

INSEAD LaunchPad

The transport sector is the largest contributor to global green house gas emissions. A switch to electric or hybrid vehicles can drastically reduce these emissions with these cars producing about 50% less CO2 than gasoline cars. However, one huge barrier remains to make the use of these vehicles easy and mainstream: charging.

Zephyre provides an end-to-end service for electric vehicle charging stations at home, at work or in public spaces: installation, support for administrative work, maintenance, payments and billing. This unique full-service proposal includes access to their global online platform-as-a-service charging management solution, with detailed payments for electricity consumption.

Kadalys — the first organic cosmetics brand with banana active ingredients

L’Oréal Program

Kadalys is the first organic cosmetics brand with banana active ingredients from Martinique and Guadeloupe. Born in Martinique, Kadalys founder Shirley Billot, has been exposed to French Caribbean traditional medicine since a young age and developed early medicinal plant knowledge. With her research in plant health benefits, notably that of the banana tree, she was able to combine Caribbean medicine with the latest scientific innovations to extract active ingredients from bananas and create Kadalys.

Kadalys has developed its own patented “Musactif”®: a powerful antioxidant, depigmenting and soothing active ingredient derived from yellow, green and red banana. The ingredients in Kadalys products are sourced and manufactured ethically, with respect to the environment and the local economy.

Today, the brand offers a complete range of 18 organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare products awarded by The Victoire de la Beauté. Kadalys is sold in France, across the French West Indies, in Japan, Australia and prepared to launch in the US and China this year.

Leadbees — building a connected device for beehive health

Outremer Network (formerly Fighters Program)

LeadBees is a a new tool for recovering, managing and monitoring the health of apiaries to help beekeepers manage towards sustainable farms. Thanks to a small sensor installed in the beehive, LeadBees gathers data on the bees. That data allows beekeepers to understand what is going on and anticipate needs and actions that have to be taken.

Want to celebrate Earth Week with a few of these startups? 🌍 Join us at STATION F next week — we have a few things planned for you:

Tuesday April 23rd

Wednesday April 24th

Thursday April 25th



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