Discover STATION F Perks: a package of 130+ deals for startups, unique in the world

Jean Dubrulle
May 4, 2018 · 4 min read

Before STATION F opened, we announced that we would offer our selected entrepreneurs a package of special offers and deals on pretty much *anything* founders need, from cloud hosting to gym memberships, called “perks”.

Our very first perk: Airbnb, announced they would offer *free* travel credits for entrepreneurs who might need to go abroad to raise funds of meet with clients and prospects. To date, Airbnb is still one of our most used perk by our entrepreneurs community.

One year after we announced our very first Perk, we are happy to share with you a summary of our selection and how our founders use them.

+130 perks are available for startups, including Airbnb, Zendesk, AWS and Stripe

When building our selection of Perks, here are the 3 pillars we laid our philosophy on:

  • Each offer answers a real demand observed on campus. Perks appeal to startups and founders of any stages of development, whether you are a super early stage startup looking for cloud hosting, a growing company looking to scale sales, or a tired founder who needs some meditation time.
  • Perks are all hand-picked & negotiated exclusively for STATION F startups. We always try to rework deals so that they match the startups needs. We don’t promote standard offers or sponsored partnerships.
  • Perks are more than coupon codes. We want a true relationship with partners, who dedicate time, energy and expertise, as well as make an effort on their prices. A great number of workshops organized at STATION F are drawn from perks partners and a lot of business synergies is made possible through our perks partners network. We selected a few lawyers and accountants that all dedicate free time to answer startup questions.

Thanks to these three pillars, the package of offers STATION F has gathered is unique in the world. The goal isn’t to accumulate deals and boast the quantity, it is to find the most reliable partners for the startups ecosystem and build a strong ecosystem with them.

+$2 million dollars saved by our startups in just 8 months

Already half of the startups at STATION F use at least one Perk. Kudos to Les Sherpas (heroes of our startup documentary series Foundation) for using 17 Perks!

The vast majority of the Founders Program now incorporate our deals in their business strategy:

“Bringing you App and Business to China is not an easy affair especially if your services are heavily based on Cloud Data. STATION F’s perks including Alibaba Cloud was key for our launch in Mainland China, not just for the provided credits but most of all for the accompaniment we received from key Alibaba technicians in setting our servers and services up and running despite the digital culture shock. Without this perk, Metronaut App could not have been launched on-time.”

Arshia, Antescofo

We always go for the extra mile and craft offers with our partners that perfectly match the startups needs. For instance, with UBER for business, you can benefit from 10% off every rides. With Amazon Web Services, you can benefit from expertise directly on campus from their technical experts.

Perks and beyond: a pay it forward mindset

Because we comprehend Perks as truly part of our startups’ businesses, we encourage our Perks partners to go beyond just giving a discount. A great number of our partners came to STATION F to give expert talks and mentoring startups.

Master your metrics to convert your free users into paying users, with Yet Another Mail Merge Founder

In addition, Welcome to the Jungle, media and job board company became more than simply a “Perks partner”: we have built STATION F’s official Job board together, featuring hundreds of job offers to join STATION F startups (read more on our blog).

Station F jobboard: find your dream job among the 1000 startups on campus

STATION F nurtures a pay it forward mindset. Startups on campus offer perks to other residents such as Sobus (discounted bus rides), Namatata (free meditation) or Alan (offer on insurance monthly bills).

Want to submit a special offer or discount to our community of startups? Make sure your proposal fits with our philosophy and send it to 💌


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