Foundation, the startup documentary series at STATION F, Episode 1

Last week, we announced that STATION F was launching the first ever documentary series following STATION F entrepreneurs in their daily lives. Already hundreds of thousands of people have watched the trailer — thank you for such an interest in the project!

Today is the big day, we are releasing Foundation’s first episode

Pssst: you want to binge-watch all 8 episodes? You can watch all 8 of them on Foundation’s Website and!

Meet Loubna, Etienne, Julian, Justin, and Jasmine. And Xavier Niel.

Loubna is the co-founder of Meet My Mamma, the first catering service that hires “mammas” as cooks. She’s also highly invested in help entrepreneurs coming from under-privileged Paris suburbs.

Jasmine co-founded Recast.AI, the leading artificial intelligence bot platform. Fun fact: she studied fine arts before learning how to code and starting a startup.

Justin and Julian moved from Wisconsin to Paris with their SportsTech startup Torqlabs.

Etienne started les Sherpas, an online learning platform to prepare Business School exams. He is still a student while he is building his startup.

Each episode of Foundation starts by an “Expertise Capsule”, where experts of the startup ecosystem share their points of view on key issues depicted in the episode: work-life balance, ambition, financing, team management, and more.

In these Expertise Capsule, you will spot our director Roxanne Varza, investors of Accel Partners, and even our very own founder, Xavier Niel!

You love the soundtrack? Here’s a little treat for your ears