Foundation, the startup documentary series at STATION F, Episode 2

Last week, we released the first episode of Foundation, the first ever documentary series by STATION F and Le Studio Next, following 5 entrepreneurs from STATION F through their daily lives. And today, for the many of you who enjoyed the first episode of the series — we appreciate the love on social media — is the official release of Episode 2.

Episode 2

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Discover how les Sherpas managed their very first month of existence

Les Sherpas have a team meeting where Etienne talks about the growth of the startup and plans their trip to San Francisco (which you’ll see in the next Episode). Other then noticing that their workspace is very messy, we see the friendly dynamic of the group as they go through a task as mundane and important as spellcheck.

Torq Labs’ Justin: “We can’t have zero salary for ever”

Beginning with a meeting in the forest (yes, we have a forest at STATION F), the two founders of Torqlabs, Julian and Justin, discuss their financing issues, the most common pain points amongst startups. You can also watch them test out their prototype by working out and playing soccer.

Lack of sleep can lead entrepreneurs to dreadful consequences

Loubna, co-founder of Meet My Mama, takes us to one of her client events, where she runs into last minute struggles. This isn’t before she tells us about more personal issues she’s had caused by the never-ending work and fast-paced life of being in a startup.

Each episode of Foundation starts by an “Expertise Capsule”, where experts of the startup ecosystem share their points of view on key issues depicted in the episode: work-life balance, ambition, financing, team management, and more.

In these Expertise Capsule, you will spot our director Roxanne Varza, the General Manager of Paypal France, and even our very own founder, Xavier Niel, discussing what a startup is!