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From conference to concert: events at Station F

Roxanne Varza
Jan 30, 2017 · 3 min read

It’s easy to get lost in the numbers when we talk about Station F; the building is 34,000m2, we have a startup zone with 3,000 desks, we will have over 1,000 startups on campus and apartments for 600 entrepreneurs opening in 2018. But perhaps there are still a few numbers that you don’t know…

An important number: 8

Huh? 8? Well, yes. Because we will have 8 different event venues on-campus hosting events on a daily basis. You can visit all the event spaces on our VR tour (see if you can spot Beyoncé). We have a wide variety of event spaces for all kinds of events. For example, our huge 360-person auditorium is perfect for hosting conferences, movie screenings, concerts, and more. We have smaller rooms that are perfect for hosting workshops and an open area that is perfect for a quick yoga class or a hackathon. Not to mention the 2 mezzanine areas overlooking our ginormous restaurant, which are perfect spaces to host a cocktail or dinner event. See our events page to learn more.

So, what kinds of events should you expect to find at Station F?

Over the past few months we have interviewed *many* startups (probably several hundreds of them), trying to find out what events they wanted to find at Station F. Our goal was to get to the core of what events are meaningful and provide real value, and what events do not. All the events you will find at Station F are built on the feedback of entrepreneurs, and every resource we provide is entrepreneur-approved and entrepreneur-validated.

Fewer Demo Days

Many startups told us that they aren’t huge fans of Demo Days — and to be honest, neither are we. Startups don’t find Demo Days particularly useful and that they only use them as a means to train to pitch — not raise funds. Investors just about never spot the next unicorn at a demo day either, so why they even exist?

At Station F, we won’t be organizing any Demo Days ourselves. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t organize a Demo Day on campus — but we prefer to concentrate on a format that will really be more meaningful.

Global event brands you know and love

There are huge events we all know and love like Websummit and CES. While we love these events, we are probably not the right venue for a mass-event (we’re not a football stadium, after all). But there are loads of global startup event brands that we all love and that organize high quality events around the world. We’re working with a number of them to launch some unique and exclusive events at Station F. Stay tuned :)

Why should everything be about tech?

That’s a very good question — innovation can come from *anywhere* and a lot of entrepreneurs told us that they are looking for new, fresh ideas to get them inspired. This is why we’ll be bringing a number of non-tech, culture-driven events to Station F for our entrepreneur community. From movie screenings, to concerts, to talks by international experts from different fields, we’re lining up events to help you relax, learn, and just enjoy your time on campus.

Wait, when is the launch party?

A lot of you have already contacted us to ask about our launch party. At the moment we can’t say much but we would love to hear YOUR ideas. What do you want to see? Who do you want to meet? Feel free to get in touch and let us know!

Of course we can’t tell you everything

Of course we can’t tell you everything we’re planning at Station F — but this should give you an idea of what our events philosophy is: startups first.

Want to organize an event with us?

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