Get ready to party, STATION F is launching end of June

Good news everyone, STATION F will open for summer time!

So you may have noticed in a previous blogpost that we had a little delay in our opening as the result of a pipe burst in the sublevels on STATION F. Such things happen on construction sites, and we are no exception! Fortunately, we now have a new official opening date and we are thrilled to welcome you in just a few weeks.

To keep or not to keep the basement swimming pool?

Many of you suggested that we simply keep the water downstairs and have a gigantic swimming pool on campus. It was duly noted by our team, unfortunately, we have nowhere else to put our servers and electrical networks! But you can still wear scuba gear on campus if you want.

While we are still working on finding a spot to put our in-house jacuzzi, we have now fully restored our technical sublevels. The next few weeks will be dedicated to finish up the construction that was delayed by the flood.

Other option

Summertime opening, sun is shining

It goes without saying that STATION F will open at the best time of year: the summer! We will launch at the end of June and startups will be able to move in during the first week of July.

That’s right, hundreds of startups will be able to begin working on their startups with the sun shining through our beautiful glass ceiling and the warm summer breeze drifting through our campus. Not to worry, we are still planning on organizing a proper housewarming party to celebrate the first few months of STATION F’s activity and we’ll keep you posted on that too.

Oh, did you hear?

  • startups selected for the Founders Program will be notified starting April 5th
  • we’ve already announced that Facebook, HEC, vente-privee, Numa, Arts et Métiers Acceleration, and recently Zendesk (see Techcrunch’s article) will all be running exclusive startup programs on campus. But there will be more! We are going to divulge new partner programs covering all industry verticals and stages of development for entrepreneurs.
  • many of you are asking what is this “Fellowship” program we are teasing about on our website: hold tight, you’ll know by end of April :)

We want to say a huge thank you to our amazing construction teams on campus who managed our delay with great professionalism. We also want to thank all our partners and startup applicants who have been incredibly patient with regards to the new date!

Next up: opening :)

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