Google launches on-site coaching for startups at STATION F

Feb 15, 2018 · 3 min read

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Google is becoming our latest partner at Station F. Yes, Google! Aside from being behind all kinds of incredible tech (whether it be self-driving cars or balloon-powered internet), Google is also heavily anchored in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and works with entrepreneurs around the world. So we couldn’t help but team up to support startups at STATION F.

At STATION F, Google will first become the first tenant of our Pop Up Space and organize tons of coaching sessions for entrepreneurs and digital natives, as well as display their latest cool products. Later this year, Google will also move into the SHARE Zone with a permanent office on campus.

Google’s presence at STATION F Pop Up, open to the public!

We announced the launch of our Pop Up Space a while back on social media, and a lot of you were wondering who would move in first. The answer: a *tiny* tech company called Google.

Inside the Google space, anyone (yes, anyone, not just residents) will be able to attend the program of conferences and check out product experiences, practical workshops and even face-to-face meetings organized by the Google team.

In addition, anyone can come see all the latest cool products they develop — everything from Android phones to Google Home.

For anyone who is not a STATION F resident, you can find the Pop Up Space inside the Passage Louise, a public pathway that separates the SHARE Zone and the CREATE Zone. This pathway is open to the public from 8am to 8pm. It’s usually where visitors and tourists stop by to take a look at what’s happening on campus :)

The Google space inside the Pop Up will be open for the next 3 months, be sure to stop by!

You can register for events, individual meetings and workshops with the Google team on Google’s website:

Google’s permanent coaching office inside STATION F campus

After the Google’s 3-month presence at the Pop Up, Google will move into a permanent office in the SHARE Zone. This is the STATION F zone that includes VC offices, François Hollande’s non-profit called la Fondation la France S’Engage, French Tech Central featuring 30 different public administrations including the tax office, visa services, our makerspace TechShop and more.

Inside Google’s office, entrepreneurs will be able to access the same kind of content as the Pop Up, including workshops, training sessions and personalized help provided by Google’s experts.

STATION F residents, you are not left out! Not only will you be able to attend all workshops and training sessions, but Google is also offering you a €20k Google cloud credit for free!

See you soon at STATION F!


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News and stories from the world's biggest startup campus

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