Halloween at STATION F

The first Halloween at STATION F was a smashing success with our resident startups really getting into the spirit of the holiday! All day long there were activities, workshops, contests and scary movies on the Master Stage!

Workshops like “Pimp my Pumpkin” and “Not all Plants are Vegan” ran every 30 minutes throughout the day, where urban farmers from the collective Merci Raymond showed our residents how to carve a mean pumpkin and how to care for carnivorous plants like the Venus Flytrap.

Shakeup Factory program manager Aymeric Penven carves a pumpkin along with residents like real estate startup Pinpo.

Recycling tech startup Hyphen and diversity specialist recruiters Mozaik RH decorate their flower pots as they get tips on how to care for their carnivorous plants from a Merci Raymond urban farmer as a charming dinosaur looks on.

Halloween makeup by professional makeup artist Fiona Bourgeois!

An insect bar by Jimini’s… Bon apéitit!

The startupers from the HEC program didn’t break character when it came time to judge the best startup program workplace. That’s why they won!

Startupers and program managers alike got into the Halloween spirit by decorating their workspaces and showing up to work in some very creative costumes!

The winners of the STATION F Halloween costume contest, the mad scientists from the startup True Spirit from the Pepite France student entrepreneur program, whose product analyses bottles of wine to ensure top quality. Cheers!

The evening concluded with a cocktail bar from specialty cocktail delivery startup Nighthawks and DJ set from STATION F residents in the EDHEC program, record label Electro Posé! A big thank you to everyone who participated in the fun!