London-based company builder EF has landed at STATION F

The STATION F community has just grown by one new partner! 💫

October 1st marked the start of the first Paris-based Entrepreneur First (EF) program, which will be based on our campus. EF was founded in London in 2011 by Matthew Clifford and Alice Bentinck, two ex-McKinsey consultants. The program helped over 1,000 individuals build 150 companies with a total valuation of just under $1.5 billion. Last year, Reid Hoffmann, Co-Founder of LinkedIn and Partner at Greylock, joined the EF board after leading a $12.4 million investment round for the pre-company seed investor. Now, EF’s ambition is to create at least 20 deep tech startups every year in France.

EF Co-Founders: Alice Bentinck and Matthew Clifford

EF’s unique approach is to fund ambitious individuals “pre-team and pre-company”: EF backs individuals before they have a team or fully formed idea, purely on the basis of their skills.

EF is an accelerator not for companies but for individuals

At EF, founders are encouraged to find a co-founder and generate the best insights, or ideas, based on the areas that they have the most expertise in. To allow entrepreneurs to focus on building a company, EF pays a stipend of €2,000 a month during their time at EF. The EF programme lasts for 6 months: 3 months supporting the individuals to form teams (“EF Form”), and 3 months supporting those teams to develop their startups and be ready to pitch for, and receive investment (“EF Launch”).

The EF team in Paris! Front row, from left to right: Elspeth, Manon, Clem. Second row, from left to right: Jonathan, Gwen, Coralie.

Paris is EF’s 5th office and the 3rd one opening in 2018, after Berlin in January and Hong Kong in April. EF announced that it planned to extend its pioneering approach, which had already been successfully tested in London and Singapore, to venture capital internationally. Launching in Paris — a natural fit for EF given the supportive ecosystem and the concentration and quality of tech talent — is the next step in this strategy.

The first EF cohort in Paris

Looking for a co-founder? EF will run 2 programs a year at STATION F — the next program will welcome another 50 entrepreneurs in April 2019, and you can already apply here!