Meet Antescofo & OuiCrea during our Monthly Facebook Live

Every month, we host a Facebook Live (follow here!) with a special invitee from our campus. Last month for example, we had the co-founder of daco, Claire Bretton, join us with her associates to talk about life at STATION F and share their recent acquisition story by vente-privee group. In our February edition, we have invited two more campus residents with some exciting news to share: Antescofo (music startup in the Founders Program) and OuiCrea (France-China acceleration program at STATION F). Make sure to tune in our Facebook on February 5th at 12PM CET to be the first to hear!

Meet the startup shaking up MusicTech

Antescofo is a MusicTech startup that is transforming instrument practice for classical musicians. Thanks to its AI-powered technology, their app Metronaut provides real-time accompaniment for instrument practice. In other words, say a violinist wants to play a concerto — they can play a little bit of violin for the app to hear and it will generate the accompanying orchestra for them, turning simple at-home practice into a grand performance. Even better, Metronaut is able to adapt that accompaniment to the rhythm of their performance, making it suitable for musicians of all-levels at any stage of practice. Metronaut has been downloaded over 125k times across 295 countries and been featured as App of the Day in over 30.

Antescofo is one of the startups in the Founders Program, which is currently open for applications until April 1st. Startups selected will join in July 2019. This is a chance to ask all your questions to a current resident!

OuiCrea, the France-China Program at STATION F

You may have noted that the date of our Monthly Live News, February 5th, happens to fall on the Chinese New Year this year! In light of the holiday, OuiCrea, the France-China program at STATION F, will be joining us.

OuiCrea runs a bilateral acceleration program between France and China at STATION F with other locations in Shanghai and Suzhou. Their objective is to help Chinese startups accelerate in France/Europe and vice-versa, to help French startups enter the Chinese market. On top of their one-year program split between the two countries, OuiCrea also leads business tours to introduce French startups to the Chinese ecosystem and meet with local investors. Co-founders Dr. Tianlun Li and Dr. Weiyuan Xu are both seasoned entrepreneurs with experience in both countries — feel free to pick at their brains during the live!

Have any questions for Antescofo or OuiCrea? Send us your questions in the comments and click “interested” on our Facebook event to get notified when the Facebook Live starts!