Meet the STATION F startups at Web Summit 2018

Cindy Yang
Nov 3, 2018 · 5 min read

Declared as “the best technology conference on the planet” by Forbes, the annual Web Summit is the largest tech conference in Europe. Some of the world’s most sought-after tech companies — like OnePlus, Stripe, Nest, Uber, Careem, and GitLab — have joined the Web Summit in their early days, when they were still looking for funding and partnerships while figuring out their next move. This upcoming week in Lisbon, meet 10 of our startups that will be exhibiting in this year’s edition.

Botmind: smarter bots for a better customer experience

Zendesk Program

Botmind is a SaaS platform that enables companies to deliver a better customer experience by combining human and artificial intelligence through live chat. Their virtual agents automatically respond to frequent customer inquiries and qualify prospects.

Front, left to right: Christophe Chevalier, Romain Jamet, Zoé Klein. Back: Jean-Luc Phung, Jonathan Kam.

AirWayBill: make money while travelling

INSEAD Program

AirWayBill is a global app that enables travellers to convert luggage space into cash by buying & delivering items for shoppers & shippers. Say you’re heading to Lisbon this weekend and want to make some extra cash while you’re at it, download AirWayBill and help deliver something to someone there! Or vice-versa, you’re already in Lisbon and you’re really craving some Ladurée macarons, in which case you can have someone in Paris deliver them to you. It could be a STATION F entrepreneur, could even be the CEO of AirWayBill.

TwicPics: responsive images made seamless

Founders Program

TwicPics is a real-time image resizing service that provides both the infrastructure and the tools developers need to tackle responsive images on the web. No matter how tricky your code may be, TwicPics is able to take your master images and resize them to the pixel.

Co-Founders Julian Aubourg, Florent Bourgeois and Marc-Henri Spiess

Invitly: swipe interest-based “invites”, not people

INSEAD Program

Invitly is a networking app connecting professionals through invites for lunch or coffee to unlock business opportunity. Unlike dating apps, you don’t swipe people, but real invites with a place, a date & theme. Invitly (team of 6) is co-founded by Alex Bregman (ex-Google) & Karim Benaissa (ex-Total) & just closed a seed round of 500k USD. Knowing the importance of strong relationships in big organizations, “Invitly for Business” is enhancing networking between members & employees. Invitly is positioning itself as a globally trusted community of executives.

☝🏼Fun fact: 50% of Invitly’s user-base is in C-level or director position.

✌🏼Other fun fact: Alex, CEO of Invitly, makes very fun vlogs documenting his life as an entrepreneur. Take a look here.

Co-Founders Karim Benaissa & Alex Bregman user segmentation to create one-to-one marketing experiences

Founders Program is the Plug & Play SaaS product that aims to make the marketer’s life easier. Whether you run an e-commerce or a SaaS app, simplifies the way you would personalize your marketing communications for different customer profiles by first helping you identify these customer profiles and then by classifying your visitors into these different profiles.

Founder Joseph Rouff

SnapCall: replace phone numbers with a simple button

Zendesk Program

SnapCall is on a mission to disrupt the voice industry and enhance the “calling” experience. They replace phone numbers on websites/apps with a simple call button. At one click, customers are connected with the right interlocutor in seconds, without any voice menus or transfers. On the one hand, users get a more seamless experience on the website/app. On the other hand, businesses receive calls rich with user information. It’s a win-win situation 🤙🏼

The SnapCall team has recently secured €1M in funding with leading French VC — ISAI, investors in unicorn BlaBlaCar.

BEAR: AR mobile solution that bridges print & digital

Founders Program

BEAR “BE Augmented Reality” is an AR mobile solution that connects print material (catalog, packaging, POS material, flyers) to digital content (video, web page, social media, 3D animation). BEAR’s AR solution helps companies revamp their business models by allowing them to monetize their print content. Discover their demo below:

Numerized: 3D product imaging for e-commerce

Havas Program

Numerized is an interactive 3D digitization solution for e-commerce. They enable retailers to display their products in 3D on their website product pages, on Facebook, as well as in AR & VR. Take a look at what they did for Caval here.

Co-Founders Simon Foucher & Guillaume Plas automated machine learning platform

Founders Program develops a machine learning platform that automatically builds highly accurate, interpretable predictive models. Users deploy models in 3 clicks through vertical apps for financial services, mobility, energy, retail, healthcare, and media industries. Their ambition is to create an AI for each use case and spread predictive intelligence in the value chain. Last year, raised 1.5M€ with Hiinov/SNCF Digital Ventures. is a team of elite data scientists driven by one goal: for human-centric AI to improve the way we work and live.

TechFugees: tech solutions for refugee challenges

Founders Program

TechFugees is an international non-profit organization that aims to empower displaced people through innovation and technology. Founded in 2015, Techfugees has grown into a community of 18,000 supporters via social media and taken part in hundreds of dedicated events around the world, including more than 30 hackathons and an annual Global Summit, during which 25 startups are selected to pitch their solutions.

The TechFugees Global Summit 2018

Heading to Lisbon next week? Say hi to our entrepreneurs at Web Summit! Even better, meet them for a casual drink (event link here) 😉 Or best, try the Invitly app and set a meetup in Lisbon. 🤳🏼

Not going this year? Follow the journey on our Instagram @joinstationf ☀️ Khaled, co-founder of AirWayBill & all-around super fun chap , will be taking over our Stories on November 8th, stay tuned!


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