Meet TYC, a civic tech startup, directly involved in the European elections campaign

May 2 · 3 min read

STATION F welcomes many startups, actually more than 1.000, and most of them are trying to contribute to our society via a “tech for good” appraoch. Some of them are focussing directly on democracy and politics. They are called “civic tech”. One of them, TYC, part of STATION F’s Founders Program, just announced a partnership with a French political party (Les Républicains) in order to feature their program for the European election of May 26 on Facebook Messenger. They are also working with some members of the parliament and cities around the country.

We interviewed Mohamed Lahkim, CEO and founder of the company, to know more.

Can you explain us what TYC is ?

TYC is a French CivicTech startup that introduces Chatbot’s technologies into the public and political field. Our solutions allow the interaction with a large public in a personalized way to take the pulse of public opinion. The solution has been incorporated in June 2018 by four co-founders coming from various domains (engineering, finance, artificial intelligence, public affairs) and we have been joined by four other collaborators.

Why did you choose to focus on politics?

Despite the digital revolution that the political world has experienced in recent years, no digital tool has so far allowed public and political institutions to interact with citizens on a large scale. Yet, we believe in the value of citizen’s opinion. Our goal is to harness collective intelligence to empower decision-makers by providing them the tools to include their audience in decision-making. In a society where new technologies have disrupted many areas as economics, health, or communication, it is time to disrupt our democracies as well.

What is different from another chatbot solution?

We analyze the conversations to have real time opinion surveys and a better
understanding of the audience. Those analysis are displayed on our SaaS platform for our customers. To do so, we have developed our own Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the field of public opinion. Also, we are specialized in the field of public and political opinion. Our tools are
designed to simplify the access to information for citizens when they want to interact with public and political actors.

What are the challenges you’re facing in the coming months?

Our goal in the coming months is to introduce this new way of interaction between citizens and decision-makers. We want to be the leaders in the sector of Chatbots for political and public actors. We also want to go from a French scale to a European scale.

What about the Founders Program?

The Founders Program is one of the two in-house program of STATION F. It’s the biggest program of the campus, welcoming more than 200 early stage startups from every vertical. Applications are open on an-going basis on and startups can enter twice a year, in January and July for 6 to 24 months. Currently, 40% of the Founders Program startups are female-founded.


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News and stories from the world's biggest startup campus

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