Microsoft, Ubisoft, CNPA and Creative Valley x IFM launch programs at STATION F!

Alright everyone, we have one last thing to announce before we launch. So, we promised 20 different startup programs on campus. We’re happy to announce we now reached 21 different partners running startup programs dedicated to various industries and topics. Each of them was selected for their expertise in the given sector — but also their international ambition and true dedication to entrepreneurship. So here we go, check out our newest program partners: Microsoft, Ubisoft and Creative Valley + the French Fashion Institute (IFM)!

Microsoft and leading research institution INRIA launch a program for AI startups

The international tech giant partners up with prestigious research institute INRIA to launch a startup program dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft’s Christophe Shaw told Techcrunch: “We think that we’re first going to select 5 or 6 startups that can foster an ecosystem around INRIA and themselves. The idea is that we’re eventually going to have a hundred startups in this club.” Microsoft has already announced that they have selected startup for their program.

Ubisoft is launching an entertainment startup program that’s gonna make gamers dream

Not many people know that international gaming giant Ubisoft is actually made in France and with a killer story. The amazing company behind Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Tom Clancy’s video game series or Rayman is launching its startup program dedicated to — you guessed it — gaming and entertainment.

Creative Valley and the French Institute of Fashion launch a program for startups in the creative industry and digital arts: ADN

There are not a lot of programs that mix the creative industries with tech — but we believe that this is a core part of innovation. We’re pleased to announce that Creative Valley (a network of incubators) and IFM (France’s top Fashion school) will join forces to launch a two-phase program for the creative industries. Now startups dedicated to design and digital arts will have a dedicated program on campus!

CNPA, the National Automotive Council, launched MooveLab: dedicated to mobility

40 desks will host entrepreneurs who want to build the future of transportation and mobility focusing on security, green or collaborative transportation, facilities, and more. CNPA is partnering up with Via ID to build their first startup program. Applications are open:

21 startup programs, now what?

We’ve now announced a full 21 different programs that will be on campus at STATION F. To learn more about these programs and to apply, startups can visit our website. Programs all take place on the same campus but they run independently. That means, they are all different in duration, format, pricing, selection procedure, etc. There will certainly be more programs to come, but for now, we’re focusing on our next big challenge: the launch!