Not what you’d expect: Data from 1 year at STATION F and 1,000 startups

When people imagine an entrepreneur they generally picture a 20-something year old male in a hoodie, perhaps a college drop out coding away night and day.

To check if this image is true, we decided to study the data ourselves. We gathered facts, figures, opinions, and preoccupations among all STATION F residents that were here during our first year of existence (We are 1 year old! Yay!)

If there is something we learned in building this report it’s that our entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes.

At STATION F, a majority of our entrepreneurs are 30-year olds, many are female and come from around the world. They work long hours and weekends, sure, but many of them have families. Many of them don’t currently pay themselves. When asked what issues they want the most help with, they say funding and recruiting — not administrative issues or taxes, as one might have thought.

Average age of a STATION F resident: 30,9 years old

We asked our entrepreneurs tons of questions to find out what mattered to them the most.

The number one resource? The community, more precisely “Being surrounded by thousands of entrepreneurs”. Entrepreneurs need to leverage the ecosystem (other entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and more) to scale up.

Discover the full report here

So, what’s coming next?

Obviously, we will continue having diversity at our core and work to get more entrepreneurs with diverse profiles — in particular more women entrepreneurs, international founders and people coming from underprivileged backgrounds. This will help us build STATION F’s future, from our co-living space to upcoming surprise projects!

So that’s one year down, many more to go :)

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