STATION F, 3 months in 🗓

Sep 29, 2017 · 5 min read

Exactly 3 months ago on June 29th, our campus was inaugurated in the presence of French President Emmanuel Macron and Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo. So much has happened in such so little time, we thought it was worth sharing the insiders’ stories of our life at STATION F!

Here’s what’s happened at STATION F three months in, by the numbers.

2500 residents have moved in… and all 3000 seats are reserved!

Yep, we’re pretty much full right now. Once a startup is accepted to one of the 26 startup programs based on site — read more in our Press Kit — each of the teammates goes through an “onboarding session” where they all get their residents’ badges and are explained the rules of the campus (see the video here!)

But… who the h*ck are all these people?

  • We have about 700 Founders Program members. Read more about their profiles on our blog here
  • We have 24 startup programs run by partners. They select their startups independently. Some more of them are moving in October, we can’t wait!
  • Fellowship members also just moved in. You can still request a Fellowship here!

In addition, we are currently selecting startups to join the Fighters Program. This is a very important program for us, aimed at entrepreneurs coming from less privileged backgrounds. The Fighters Program gives access to the Founders Program for free, for true Fighters! Apply here.

20 events per week were organized

With all that, there’s very little chance that you get bored on campus :) At STATION F, you can find several types of events:

  • all of our startup programs on site can organize workshops on all topics startups love

For instance, with the Founders Program, we have organized 14 different workshops with amazing speakers like Des Traynor co-founder of Intercom, Jon co-founder of Aircall, Céline Lazorthes founder of Leetchi and more.

Startup Garage by Facebook has brought in Fiona Mullan, head of international HR at Facebook, Microsoft will welcome Peggy Johnson, one of the VPs at Microsoft on Monday, and many more to come.

  • our team throws fun events for the campus, from Ask Me Anything Sessions with tech superstars, to informal aperos(that’s French for cocktail party)or sports events, that make the campus feel like home.

Our residents were able to attend AMA sessions (and therefore, ask questions to) all of these great figures: Alexis and Antoine co-founders of Zenly, Nalden, co-founder of WeTransfer, Jeff Clavier, Founding Partner at SoftTech VC, Mortem Primdahl, CTO of Zendesk, and… Xavier Niel, founder of STATION F :)

  • external partners are selected to host events in our venues.

We were thrilled to host amazing events like MIT Innovators under 35, Meilleur Dev de France (with 7000 invitees on campus!) or Change Now, happening today!

Discover the list of Events that are accessible to the general public on our website!

437 games of StreetFighter, 560 foosball tournaments, 1 badminton contest have been played

Playing is a serious game here at STATION F. That’s why in between desks and meeting rooms we have… killer vintage arcade games, foosball, pool tables, and every once in a while we have fun playing badminton.

43 different world-wide media outlets stopped by

(not counting the 250 journalists who attended the Launch Party!)

And these are just the ones that have been managed by our team; there are journalists coming to meet startups and partners everyday.

Our favorite articles? The one that talk about our startups, of course. The EE Times featured a few startups from the Founders Program, Les Echos followed five different startups during their first days on campus, our Outre Mer startups were covered last week…

84,000 coffees were drank

… and that’s just the coffee machines’ data. We also have a cool Anticafé at the entrance, open to the public! Come say hi!

11,185 visitors were registered

Yes, 11k people have visited us or one of our residents at STATION F since the end of June.

Here’s how it works if you want to come too:

  • you can schedule a meeting with one of our residents if you’re lucky enough to know one of them! They can take you around areas visitors can access.
  • you can access the public areas, especially the co-working coffee shop Anticafé at the entrance
  • COMING SOON: we are going to organize group tours for the general public! This will be available in the weeks to come. If you are interested, please email
One of our latest visitors? Jacques Antoine Granjon, founder of Vente Privee

What’s next?

30+ public administrations

We are proud to have 30 different public administrations based on site at STATION F, thanks to la French Tech, and any entrepreneur can book appointment with them using the online platform FrenchTechCentral. Soon, there will be a whole event space dedicated to la FrenchTech!

1 big makerspace

Our TechLab by Techshop will open before the end of the year! Stay tuned.

1000+ seats in our restaurant

MAMMA F will open in the coming months and will feed thousands of people each day with delicious pizza and other surprises!

600 beds

Our housing extension is still under construction and is scheduled for next year.

We have also counted the number of decorative plants (1147), the number of countries’ representatives that have visited us (Sweden, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, the UK, Australia... and many more), but enough with numbers: measuring our level of excitement about all this is just impossible!


News and stories from the world's biggest startup campus


Written by


We are the world’s biggest startup campus. Open 2017 in Paris Initiative by @Xavier75 - Director: @RoxanneVarza



News and stories from the world's biggest startup campus


Written by


We are the world’s biggest startup campus. Open 2017 in Paris Initiative by @Xavier75 - Director: @RoxanneVarza



News and stories from the world's biggest startup campus

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