Station F Hal V2 — featuring startup directory and VC database

We recently updated you on our big plans for 2019 — which include enriching the digital tools we use on campus. I mentioned that currently the 2 main tools that our community use are a massive Slack and HAL, our friendly intranet developed by our incredibly talented tech team. Slack is used for residents to chat and share info between each other and HAL is used for basically everything else. We recently released a new version of HAL, the V2, and we thought it would make sense to share some of the new features with you. We won’t go into all of the new features and updates here, just our favorites.

The Startup Directory.

As many of you know, we don’t publish share our startup database externally — but all residents and partners have access to the full listing of startups on campus via the Startup Directory. The Startup Directory has always existed in HAL — but wasn’t particularly user-friendly because the search and filtering options were very limited. In HAL V2 we have changed this. Startups and individual residents can complete their profiles — and the more information they put, the more “searchable” they become. For example, if residents have a specific expertise — like fundraising or PR — they can include it in their profile and enable other residents to identify them if their skills are needed. The same goes for startups; startups profiles are now searchable by industry and program. So if you are looking for all startups in AI on campus, now you can easily identify them. We’ll be adding more filtering options in the coming months to enhance search.

The VC Database and matching tool.

The VC database and matching tool is something we’ve been talking about for a long time with our VC community — and I’m very glad that it’s finally here. The VC database allows our companies to find funds by industry, investment stage and also to request an introduction. However, as some startups sometimes jump the gun, the introduction requires a double validation: one from the fund being contacted and one from the startup’s program manager.

Small Touches.

There were a number of other “small” touches added to HAL V2, including a new UI for the homepage once you are logged in. The new homepage now functions as more of a dashboard and features upcoming registered visitors, meeting room reservations, events, campus news, featured perks/offers for startups and more.

More digital tools to come.

We’ll continue to to add more digital tools for our startups in 2019 and we’ll also continue to enhance HAL. If you have ideas for features or feedback, please don’t hesitate to share with us.