TechShop, STATION F’s official makerspace, is now open for business!

This morning when you walked into STATION F, something changed. The white plastic tarp that was hiding 650 meters of wall in the Share Zone is nowhere to be seen anymore. The mysterious shadows of makers building furniture behind the glass windows are now in full light… TechShop is now open!

TechShop is the space to build prototypes that make a difference. From first draft to POC: bring solid product iterations to your VC meetings, master public presentations with unique demos. And most importantly put your prototypes in the hands of users to get on real life customer feedback.

What can you make inside TechShop’s makerspace?

TechShop’s prototyping lab gives you full access to professional equipment so that you can design, build, test and iterate quickly. You can find 4 different spaces inside the Techshop

The POC Room

is our additive room for quickly making your models a tangible reality. You have access to modeling software, SLA and FDM 3D printers, laser cutter, professional 3D scanning, and molding station.

The Forge

is the subtractive room where you can carve molds and parts thanks to a CNC mill, metal drills and more.

The Electronics Hub

is the room for all things electronics and robotics. PCBs, pick and place machine, soldering stations.

The Technical Hub

is the biggest maker room. It’s the assembly room where you can build your prototypes and have access to a full range of hand tools useful for almost any kind of product making. Tools rack, sewing machines, etc.

Shop, learn, and meet with fellow makers

TechShop is also a retail spot for everything makers love. Come hang out in the open Agora to discover Techshop’s materials library, browse their selection of design and prototyping books, get your last-minute customizable-ready goodies for your next event…

Inside The Odyssey, a spacious and fully equipped event room, you can also host your conferences, meetings and team work sessions.

Ready to meet the Techshop Team?

Leroy Merlin, the major home improvement retail company, with stores located worldwide (Europe, Russia, Brazil, China), is the name behind Techshop in France, making it an innovation platform connecting startups and big companies.

How to meet a Techshop crew member? “If you see a red gear on a black hoodie, congrats: you just spotted a TechShop staff member! Come say hi, we’re a fun bunch, and we’re here to support your ideas.”

Techshop’s mentor team is made of product designers, engineers, builders and artists. They can help you challenge your ideas, define an action plan, pick your materials, validate a design, 3D model, fabricate your Proof of Concept, and overall make the most use of all our available technologies.

Who can use STATION F’s TechShop?

If you are a STATION F resident: get a 20% discount on TechShop’s memberships!

TechShop does not have a selection process but will ask you to take classes before starting to use our machines, and you’ll need to become a TechShop member to have access to the workshop area. Good news: all residents can get 20% off monthly memberships.

Starting today, all residents can just stop by and say hi to take a look at the space!

If you are a TechShop member (or wannabe), you can now use this new venue!

TechShop at STATION F is open to the public, as long as you have a valid membership to TechShop!

TechShop at STATION F is open every week day from 9am to 8pm.


You can also use TechShop 15min away from STATION F

In Ivry, a 2000m2 makerspace open 7/7 with extra possibilities including: a professional wood and metal shop (CNC mills, welding stations, waterjet, epoxy painting cabin), a textile workshop, a transportation hacking hub, a software room and much more. And a 50 minutes train drive away is TechShop Lille, the largest makerspace in Northern Europe.