The Complete List of STATION F Startups at VivaTech

May 13, 2019 · 8 min read

This week, top startups and tech leaders from all around the world are swarming to Paris for one of Europe’s biggest tech conferences, VivaTech.

Over 80 STATION F startups — working across industries as diverse as AR/VR, Blockchain, IoT and many more — will be exhibiting during the three-day event. Read on to learn about what they do and take your calendars out to mark three dates not to miss amidst the hustle and bustle:

  1. Discover our startups in-person at VivaTech between May 16–18.
  2. Tune in to our Monthly Facebook Live on Wednesday, May 15 at 12PM CET to meet three of them — Connecting Food, Skyboy, and Padam Kids!
  3. Join the biggest VivaTech party at STATION F on May 16 to meet with Viva Technology partners and a * very special guest*! Don’t miss out, register here.

AgriTech + FoodTech

Connecting Food — the first food transparency blockchain. Connecting Food tracks and audits products as they go through the food chain, in real time.

Foodetective — all-in-one operating system for the hospitality industry.

iFarming Solutions — a precision irrigation solution, providing a real-time simulation of a crop’s water requirement according to crop’s nature, climate conditions and growth stage.

Sowit — AI decision support tools for African farmers.

Artificial Intelligence

Amiral Technologiesa spin off of the French National Research Centre that specializes in AI-based industrial predictive maintenance

Craft AI — an API that enables product & operational teams to quickly deploy and run explainable AIs. Craft AI decodes your data streams to deliver self-learning services.

HiBrainy — an AI platform with 5 APIs including text-to-speech, speech recognition, chatbot, face recognition and OCR. HiBrainy is the leading platform in the Iranian banking market, deploying the first voice assistant, face verification and credit card OCR.

Biggerpan — an AI that predicts your needs based on the intent detected from text conversations. Biggerpan aims to render a seamless mobile UX while allowing developers to monetize their chat services and texting apps. — the first AI-empowered data assistant that allows you to query your business data in natural language, either orally or in writing.

AlgoDeep — an enabler for enterprise AI. The platform accelerates the development and operationalization of Deep Learning algorithms, without having to spend a single second managing underlying computation hardware.

Social Impact

TechFugees — impact-driven global organisation aimed at building a sustainable ecosystem of “tech for refugees” solutions & supporting the inclusion of refugees and displaced people in the tech industry.

Poi — a mobile app that measures the social and environmental impact of your everyday life by connecting to your favorite apps.

Eiver — an all-in-one road companion app that seeks to reward drivers for adopting a responsible driving behavior.

Advitam — helps families in mourning with a simple, personal and seamless funeral management platform including traditional services as well as handling every subscription cancellation & social network closing.

FACIL’iti — optimizes the interface and navigation of websites for older adults and people with disabilities like dyslexia, Parkinson’s disease, cataract troubles and more.


PainkillAR — a personalized drug-free therapy based on VR technology for chronic pain sufferers.

Posos is developing an artificial intelligence-based solution, capable of immediately answering questions about medications.

Incepto Medical — What about using AI to analyse radiology results? Incepto Medical co-create and distribute AI applications for medical imaging. Augmented Radiology offers more precision in every exam by comparing the result of one patient with millions others.


Crypto Quantique — an end-to-end security platform for the IoT by combining cryptography and quantum technologies.

Cylus — helps mainline and urban rail companies avoid safety incidents and service disruptions caused by cyber-attacks.

Dathena — a universal layer of data and privacy protection enabling end-to-end information security based on their patented Artificial Intelligence technology.

Nanolock Security — a platform to manage and protect IoT and Connected Devices from network and cloud attacks.

Quarkslab — provides a broad set of products and services based on deep knowledge in the area of Cybersecurity.

EdTech + KidsTech

Epopia — offers personalized and interactive stories in a snailmail adventure for 5 to 10 year-old kids.

Padam Kids a new kind of audio player for kids to be able to listen to their music and stories without spending time on a screen. With Padam, parents are able control the content via an app, rich with educational content.

Prof en Poche — a smart vocal assistant for teaching mathematic fundamentals to kids.

Wakatoon — transforming colouring pages into animated cartoons!

Yokimi — a chatbot for teaching middle school mathematics.

Yogitoy — arty, flexible & customizable toys made in France.


HD Rain — builds a device for high precision rain measurements and forecasts. Their low-cost solution helps companies with weather-sensitive economic activities by improving their resilience to rainfall risks.

GobUse - kiosk that collects disposable plastic cups from private and public institutions and recycles them as secondary raw material for making objects.

Zephyre — an end-to-end service for electric vehicle charging stations at home, at work or in public spaces: installation, subsidies and tax advantages, maintenance, payments and billing.

HR Tech

Clevy — platform to create information chatbots that answer employees’ recurring questions on all topics: human resources, IT, purchasing, legal, change management…

Crafty — a skills mapping tool allowing companies to define and manage their employees’ skill sets and better identify and predict career paths.

JobDay — simplifies jobs on demand.

My Job Glasses — platform for students and professionals, facilitating the recruitment of young talent in Europe.

Top Graduate — Combining consulting and freelancing services, Top Graduate simplifies and secures the collaboration between companies and freelance students around high value-added missions.

Workelo — AI-powered platform to onboard, crossboard and offboard employees easily and efficiently.

Xtramile — platform that optimizes sourcing and CV-sorting processes to help recruiters focus their energy on tasks with more added-value. — Mutual aid is the future of work. helps steer members to meet and share their knowledge. With, you group to better identify your community and ask the right person you are looking for.

Industry 4.0 + PropTech

BulldozAIR — a web and mobile construction project management platform, enabling companies that own real estate or industrial assets to easily automate their construction process and collaboration with construction consultants.

Data Swati — uses artificial intelligence to predict in real time the quality of production in complex industrial processes and provide settings recommendations.

Internest an autonomous landing system for drones in harsh environments.

SkyVisor — a drone-based industrial inspection tool for high rise infrastructures like wind turbines, buildings and electric pylons.

LOK-IZ —the first digital real estate network of business providers 100% connected. In a few clicks, any user can transmit real estate sales information to professionals registered on the platform and receive a commission.

IoT + Hardware

Artiris — Their latest launch Compoz is a connected, made-to-measure perfume diffuser that allows you to create your own bespoke luxury home fragrance.

Boarding Ring — develops motion sickness solutions: starting with Boarding Glasses for passengers affected by motion sickness in vehicles and now extending into fighting motion sickness in virtual reality with Boarding VAR, a direct add-on to existing VR equipment.

De Rigueur Lab — The 1st Product Innovation Office for fashion & luxury brands, fostering them to innovate in their collections through embedded electronic solutions.

Advertising + Content + Media

Kannelle —the “video PowerPoint”, allowing employees to create corporate videos from their phones with custom graphical charter.

Snatch Studio — an AI-based solution for adapting video format to mobile device.

Synchronized — transforms “linear videos” to “smart videos” enabling content owners to unlock advanced & personalised in-video user-experiences; marketing; advertising at the lowest production thanks to Synchronized IA & Smart-Video Studio

Nunki — an AI solution that automatically detects security-related events across the world, in real time, through the analysis of alternative data and open sources.

Skyboy — invented the Overlap Reality, a new generation of immersive experiences.

B2B Services

Fairwai — an all-in-one messaging platform that helps companies increase their business conversion rates.

Gatling Corp — an open-source load testing solution for web applications. They prevent applications and websites from becoming victims of their own success and help them face critical situations, like go-lives or Black Fridays.

JetPack Data — a AI-powered data analytics and visualization platform for businesses to transform their excel files and databases instantly in simple drag-and-drop.

nr2 — combining cutting-edge AI and data analytics, with deep knowledge of China, to unlock China’s hidden innovation gems for global investors.

Okarito — a free business travel management platform for SMBs to better control and monitor their travel expenses.

Sensego — a predictive marketing solution that helps companies in travel, banking and e-commerce identify purchase intentions in real time and convert them into direct sales before anyone else.

Yelda — a SaaS enterprise-ready voice platform, voice-enabling brands on Google Assistant, Google Home & Alexa in a minute.

Shepper — an on-demand inspection service, checking on and looking after assets on behalf of businesses across the globe.

SnapCall — a smart voice technology that allows companies to focus on high value calls and reduce up to 80% their phone support requests.


Fitle — an online size recommendation tool that advises on the best adapted size to each morphology, helping fashion e-commerce increase their conversion rate and decrease their return rate.

Meotion — Retail-as-a-Service, helping brands take on retail at low cost.

Wino — a simplified ERP unifying the in-store and online client experience. Their solution improves the daily life of retailers by offering a centralized management of sales channels, clients and products.

ProcessOut — helps merchants avoid failed transactions and save on payment fees through payment monitoring and smart routing. — uses AI to help companies find the best location for their business worldwide, reducing failure risk when choosing a location for a new store.

NEOS — simplifies the checkout process in stores: shoppers are able to scan the products that they want and pay straight from the app. Retailers that use NEOS include Sephora, le Bon Marché, and Carrefour.


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