Three events not to miss at STATION F in May

May is not like others months for French entrepreneurs. It’s the month of VivaTech, the biggest technology conference in France! In fact, we will be hosting the VIVA PARTY at STATION F! On top of VivaTech this month, we are gathering top speakers for our second Deep Dive and preparing a unique opportunity for you to meet with startups from Havas and Schoolab programs inside of STATION F. So, take out your calendars and be ready to mark it with these amazing events!

Deep Dive into Venture Capital

May 21, 6.30pm — 7.30pm, Master Stage

With a more mature ecosystem, Venture Capital is going to another step! InReach Ventures has developed their own proprietary software and AI to scout and invest in the best early-stage startups from all over Europe, favorises prototype over powerpoints, Firstminute Capital is backed by 30 unicorns founders and global strategists, and last but not least, Atomico started with Skype’s co-founder, pioneer of Diversity & Inclusion in Tech.

Come learn how these VCs are disrupting the traditional investment model and developing new investment strategies for our day and age with Sophia Bendz (Partner at Atomico), Camilla Mazzolini (leads on sourcing for the NYC and French-speaking regions at Firstminute Capital), Pia d’Irbane (Partner at and Roberto Bonanzinga (co-founder / investment partner at InReach Ventures) for a talk moderated by STATION F’s Director, Roxanne Varza.

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Viva Party by STATION F

May 16, 7.30pm — 1.00am, La Felicità

STATION F and VivaTech are pleased to invite you to VivaParty @ STATION F, the biggest side event of VivaTech in the world’s largest startup campus. This event will offer you a unique opportunity to meet with key leaders in the tech industry and STATION F’s community. It will take place at La Felicità, the biggest European restaurant, located directly on STATION F campus.

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Meet new people and discover STATION F !

May 22, 12.30pm — 2pm, Open Plateform

Want to have a picnic with inspiring people, other entrepreneurs and our startup- and tech-curious guests? Come to our monthly Big Awkward Picnic that we host in the SHARE Zone of STATION F. Bring your own food and we will connect you with other people through funny activities. It’s also a good opportunity to discover a key space on our huge campus! This month’s edition is co-hosted with Havas and Schoolab Programs so you’ll have a chance to meet their entrepreneurs and startups.

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Want to discover other events happening at STATION F ?

We have a lot more public events happening this month at STATION F! You can discover all our public events and some from our partners on our website at! If you’re a STATION F resident, feel free to check HAL, our beautiful intranet, to access all our workshops. See you soon on campus 😊