Three events not to miss in June

The sun is (almost) shining and you’re probably looking at your calendar and the weather to know which day will be the best to go out drink with your friends. Well… that’s a good idea, but you should also take a look at what’s happening at STATION F because… we are celebrating our Birthday! Yes, we are turning two (time flies!) 😊 We can’t disclose anything yet but make sure to your calendar for June 27 (a Thursday in case you wonder) and to stay tuned. But before, we have a lot more events scheduled on campus!

Tech Trendz: Eco-Friendly Innovation

June 11, Open Stage

With the last five years being the hottest years in recorded history, climate change remains one of our most important environmental concerns at the moment. Preserving our environment is one of the biggest challenge we’re facing! Join us to discover what entrepreneurs and startups (from STATION F and outside) are doing for our earth!

This talk will feature Guillaume Fourdinier, CEO at Agricool, Sandra Rey, CEO at Glowee, Hubert Baya Toda, CEO at Leakmitted and Tuomas Autio, CEO at Maja Maja. They will share their vision and insights on how innovation can help the planet!

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Meet with AWS CEO!

June 25, Master Stage

Want to know everything on cloud computing and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution? Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, will share his advice and experience on how to build and scale with French startups founders and teams! This is a unique opportunity to learn more on AWS and how to use it to scale your business!

Andy is one of the key people behind AWS. He joined Amazon in 1997 and founded the idea of AWS focusing on Amazon’s Culture of Builders. Having led AWS since its inception, he’s managed an inventive and nimble team that has delivered more than 90 cloud infrastructure and application services that are used by millions of startup, enterprise, and government customers around the world. Jassy joined Amazon in 1997. Prior to founding AWS, he held various leadership roles across the company. He has a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Discover HEC and Thales programs at our Monthly picnic

June 19, Open Platform

Come discover what STATION F’s entrepreneurs are doing around a cool lunch! This month our Big Awkward Picnic is co-hosted by the Thales and HEC programs, the first working on cybersecurity, the second one on early stage startups. Their startups and program manager will be here to answer your questions on the program and the campus. Just bring your food and we will do everything else :)

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Want to discover other events happening at STATION F ?

We have a lot more public events happening this month at STATION F! You can discover all our public events and some from our partners on our website at! If you’re a STATION F resident, feel free to check HAL, our beautiful intranet, to access all our workshops. See you soon on campus 😊