Top 10 Sports startups at STATION F

Rachel Vanier
Jan 10, 2018 · 6 min read

January: still time for new year’s resolutions. Besides growth for your startup and a ton of VC funding, we wish you to be fit and happy in 2018!

Startups that work on sports and health issues are spread out throughout our 28 programs on campus. And to help you on your new years resolutions, we’ve selected the top 10 best sports startups that are based at STATION F.

#1 Torqlabs

Founders Program

Torq Labs makes a Lower body wearable to prevent knee and hip injuries.

Two of their co-founders have been working at STATION F since July. By virtue of working at STATION F, they have added a French designer (Sylvanie Meignie) to their team who has helped them develop our commercial product.

Torqlabs holds the Grand Prize at Avantex — Paris Fashion-tech contest and last November, they were selected as a Top 3 Sports Tech company at Web Summit in Lisbon Portugal.

A message to investors: they are currently raising a seed round and applying to accelerator programs for funding.

#2 Krank

Founders Program

If you stopped playing football to start running just because it is simpler, Krank Club will change your life. With their free mobile app, you are just 2 clicks away from organizing or joining football matches. Krank claims to be the leader in their market with 100,000 users and 10,000 people playing football every month thanks to Krank Club.

Krank’s business model is based on monetization of services: their players are profitable on their very first month. And their solution works in every sport. The two co-founders and backed by great entrepreneurs like P. Kosciusko-Morizet, M. Benabou…

Now you have no excuses!

#3 Fiters


Thanks to Fiters, you can now book your personal trainer alone or with others, at your home office, at a friend’s house, in short, play sports whenever you want, where you want and how you want. With quality coaches, certified, equipped & insured by the Fiters team. With Fiters it’s simple, it’s your life, your coach, your moment!

Fiters also provides a B2B offer to large accounts customers like Bouygues, KPMG, hoteliers or health companies like Pasteur Mutualité Group, of MMA.

On a personal note: I am a Fiters user, and I feel definitely fiter :)

#4 Yogowo

Havas Program

Yogowo is a graduate coach relationship app with users who want to play sports. Yogowo wants to change the way of doing the sport, no need to prepare for a group session in 2 minutes or to order a coach 1h30 before the start of the session. Yogowo wants to free the minds of athletes to focus on their performance and work safely with the support of professional coach. Beyond the ease of use for customers, the tool facilitates the commercial management of coaches. Timetable, booking, availability and even cancellation everything is provided in the app to put the coach in character arrangements before a Yogowo session.

#5 Révèle

HEC Incubator

Révèle is the first sports brand dedicated to women engaged in contact sports. Today, women engaged in contact sports (rugby, boxing, roller derby,..) still have to buy their gear in the men’s or children’s dept. and the available protections are not adapted to either their morphology or their sport. To prevent risks of injury or heavy bruising on the bust, Révèle created the REVELIA: a lightweight protective second skin protection that encapsulates a soft and flexible shock absorption technology. The REVELIA and our technical training collection will get you ready for combat.

Go go Girls!

#6 Street4Fit

HEC Incubator

Street4Fit identifies experts in Fitness, Boxe, Cross-Fit, Parkour and Samba, usually from unprivileged areas. The concept is to enable those athletes to meet the employees of several companies for sessions, team buildings and customized trainings. No matter what social, economical, or cultural backgrounds they come from, coaches can start making money thanks to the startup and live decently. Street4Fit enables companies to upgrade the quality of life at work while having a social impact. They are a team of 3 people from HEC Paris, passionate about sports. And they recently have been selected among the 24 impact startups for Paris2024 by MakeSense and La Ville de Paris!

Watch a Street4Fit session happening at STATION F!

#7 Smeal

Founders Program

Not technically Sports but they will help you feel more fit :) Smeal offers balanced drinks ready in 2 minutes for sportsmen/women. The concept is to help people to keep their diet even when they don’t have enough time to cook and eat a proper meal. Smeal is a low IG alternative to fast food. The project was created two years ago by two students from the University of Technology at Compiègne. Now there are 6 people with different backgrounds who work at Smeal to develop the project.

Bon appétit!

#8 AllSessions

Arts et Métiers Accélération

AllSessions helps companies improving the quality of life at work and boost team cohesion through sports and well-being activities between colleagues. The employer or the work council can add credits on our website: then employees can use the credits allocated to them to practice all types of sports activities, from boxing to yoga through crossfit and even team sports! Also, everything is done to encourage employees to practice these activities between colleagues (and not only on their own): for instance you can invite people from your company to a session and earn points by demonstrating team spirit!

#9 LeService

Founders Program

LeService App is a wellness conciergerie. The startup schedules group fitness and zen sessions for busy urbaners, at their office with a B2B customizable mobile application. Employees of companies enroll to the classes and events scheduled on their work site and also have instant access to the wellness professionals’ realtime availabilities to eventually book private sessions at home. LeService is a team of 3 co-founders: Charlotte Muller CEO, Antony Ramon COO and Mickael Mas CTO. The app was featured this month (Jan’18) in Management Magazine (Prisma Gp) as “The Wellness app to have at work”, also on BFM TV and BPI web.

#10 : Libellul

Arts et Métiers Accélération

Libellul is a platform gathering a variety of arial sports offers, from recreational flights to paragliding, and even aeromodelling — not to mention, of course, drones flying. Private individuals as well as companies can book experiences through Libellul, which vets all of them beforehand to ensure the quality of all leisures.

See you soon for a new #Top10 !


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