Updates on the Founders program & Fellowship! Some changes to note at STATION F

As you may know already, we are currently selecting Batch 4 of our Founders Program. This means we have already help three batches of startups inside the program!

From this first year of activity and 250 companies in the program, we have learned *immensely*. After all, we are a startup too! Summertime calls for a bit of soul-searching, and we have realized a few things about where we bring the most value for the startup ecosystem.

  • First, we now know that full time programs are what we do best and what our community wants most.
  • Secondly, we have to face the facts: the Founders Program’s has exceeded our expectations (we would have never expected to get more than 4000 applications from all around the world, nor such a crazy growth of our startups).
  • Thirdly, we have understood that one of the things that works best inside the Program is the fact that we are mixing our “newbies” with our first batches of more experienced companies.
From those three realizations, we have decided to re-focus our attention and energy on the Founders Program, and as a consequence, we are discontinuing the Fellowship to give more room to our full-time programs.

The Fellowship — a yearly membership with 5-days / month access to the campus — was originally conceived to provide a way for entrepreneurs who needed a intermittent access to STATION F to do so.

With Anticafé and La Felicità welcoming so many co-workers on a daily basis, and so many events that are open to the general public, we feel we now have the means to welcome those who just want to drop by.

Fellows/Fellas will be able to remain in the Fellowship and will have access to STATION F until the end of their 1-year contract (for most of our community: by the month of September).

We were thrilled to experiment with the Fellowship during our first year! And we thank our Fellows/Fella for going through this adventure with us.

Don’t forget that if you want to join STATION F, both the Founders and the Fighters Programs have open calls for applications. Apply now!