Data-Driven Collaboration

A lot of companies talk about being “data-driven” today. In order to do that, you have to have data and you also have to be able to share this data with your team on a regular basis. When all levels within your organization make use of data and are capable of collaborating with the insights, it offers numerous advantages.

At Statsbot, we strongly believe that communications are a critical deliverable of every successful project. Slack is not only a great communication tool. It’s starting to become an operating system for many companies. The place where all business decisions happen, and this place needs data on which these decisions should rely on.

What if designers, developers, and your whole team could access the data the moment they need it in a simple, insightful, and actionable form to iterate fast and smart?

Entering Statsbot, the analytical bot for Slack.

This is the vision we have for our product, Statsbot, a powerful analytical companion for your Slack team.

Today, you can add Statsbot to query data from Google Analytics or Mixpanel right into your Slack and automate the process of sharing these data sets and graphs with your team. With Statsbot, you can access data from all your Google Analytics accounts with a single Slack integration.

It will allow your team to get necessary information in an easy way and let all the team members participate in the decision making process.

Here’s what it looks like:

Any team member can ask Statsbot to show data. Statsbot works in private messages, as well as in public channels where everyone can see data and charts:

Statsbot’s goal is to become a true analytical companion for teams who could take over the most mundane tasks like constructing queries and summarizing the results from different analytical sources. In the months ahead, Statsbot will connect to various analytics tools and messaging platforms. The users will also be able to customize and train the bot.

You can sign up to add Statsbot to your Slack team today on our site, Follow us @statsbotco for news.