A Tale of Two Influencers: StatSocial Looks at Tess Christine & GALLA

Oct 23, 2018 · 12 min read
Adam Gallagher and Tess Christine

As we’ve written here before, “StatSocial, our social media audience insights tool, is crucial for any marketer — veteran or newcomer — seeking to integrate influencers into their campaigns.”

For this example we‘re comparing and contrasting the social media audiences of two prominent fashion and lifestyle influencers. One provides tips and tutorials for an audience of primarily women, the other seeks to provide guidance and style inspiration to men.

A brand considering enlisting an influencer‘s charisma to attract a larger or different audience may conclude, based on the data readily available, that any big influencer appealing to their general consumer-base (say, fans of sports or beer) is more or less interchangeable with another. By relying on data and indicators that are broad, however, their efforts will ultimately — more often than not — land wide of the mark.

StatSocial gives influencer agencies and marketers considerably deeper, and frankly essential, insights into the exact people an influencer is reaching. Knowing that someone is — as is the case with each of our two examples here — a prominent fashion and/or style influencer is a great place to start. Having definitive measurement of the affinities and demographics of the influencer’s audience is absolutely essential for a successful campaign.

No other audience insight tool comes close to what StatSocial provides.

Now onto the influencers we’ll be highlighting in this comparison.

Tess Christine’s YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers, and her videos routinely rack up hundreds of thousands of views each. Started in 2011, her channel features makeup, hair, and fashion tutorials.

With clear step-by-step instructions she’s helped her fans duplicate the looks of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and even the entire cast of ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ She also provides style, hair, and skincare tips applicable to day-to-day living or gussying up for special events such as the prom. She also brings her fans into her life, taking them along as she traverses the world as one of the brightest stars of the YouTube beauty community.

I AM GALLA is a popular men’s style blog providing its dedicated readership with tips, inspirations, and an eye on what trends are to come. Adam Gallagher, the blog’s author and the “GALLA” declared in its name, is a California native living in New York City. His approach to style is notable and appealing for the way he blends the sunnier and more easygoing manner of his roots with the innovative and always forward-facing aesthetic of his adopted hometown.

METHODOLOGY: Using the StatSocial social media audience insights engine, we’ve identified tens and tens of thousands of each influencer’s biggest fans. From there, StatSocial was able to extract detailed lists of those audiences’ affinities — their interests, their loves — and demographics.

These insights are sorted according to our index score. That tells users the degree to which the audience being analyzed either exceeds, is in line with, or falls short of the average American social media audience — the baseline we’re using for this piece — when it comes to sharing in a given affinity. Our platform allows tremendous flexibility in terms of what baseline you may use to give your statistics context, but for this we’re going with the U.S. average.

Raw numbers are an important metric, but can mislead. For example, Ellen DeGeneres has 76 million followers on Twitter, 29 million on Facebook, 27 million subscribers on YouTube, etc. When sorted by raw number alone Ellen may top a lot of lists, including those where the proportion of the analyzed audience who are her fans falls well short of the average.

Viewing an audience’s affinities through the lens of our index score is one of the key insights into what makes an audience distinctive. It gives raw numbers context. Armed with that knowledge, navigating the social media landscape no longer entails any guesswork.



Adam Gallagher

Please note: In charts such as the above, which is a modified screen grab from our online platform, the percentage contained in the blue bar represents the proportion of the audience being analyzed — in this case the audience of Adam Gallagher — that corresponds to the affinity or demographic represented in the line item. The percentage in the grey bar corresponds to the baseline. The index represents at a glance the degree to which the blue bar is consistent with, exceeds, or falls short of the grey bar. Line items that are over-indexed are in green, those under-indexed are in red.

A hair over 59.5% of GALLA’s audience is male. As being a men’s style guru is his stock-in-trade, what’s more surprising about this is not that men make up the majority, but that 40.5% of his audience is female.

With StatSocial’s insights at your disposal you can easily dig deeper and see how these statistics compare to the sex breakdowns of other prominent influencers in this field. Without digging too deep into our theories why, we’ll say for now that this is within the realm of typical for men’s style influencers.

Tess Christine

Tess Christine’s majority is more surefooted than that to be found among Adam Gallagher’s audience. The beauty and style influencer’s female audience exceeds that of the average U.S. social media crowd by one-and-three-quarters times.


Adam Gallagher

A significant 44.5% of GALLA’s audience is between the ages of 18 and 24, a proportion that exceeds the baseline by nearly two-and-a-half times.

Those between ages 25 and 34 can be found among his audience one-and-one-tenth times more frequently than they can among the average American social crowd.

Tess Christine

Tess’ audience is especially youthful, with those ages 18 to 24 making up what’s approaching three-quarters of her audience.


Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher finds the portion of his crowd who earns $50k a year or less exceeding the baseline by about one-and-one-tenth times. Those earning between $50k and $100k are just about dead-on in keeping with the norm.

Tess Christine

67% of Tess Christine’s audience earns under $50k annually, a proportion exceeding the baseline by over one-and-two-fifths times. While somewhat significantly short of the baseline, it would likely still be of interest to marketers to know that nearly 28% of Tess Christine’s audience is earning between $50k and $100k per year.


As this entry is an exploration of StatSocial’s unique capabilities in helping agencies zero in on precisely the right influencers with whom to pair the brands with which they’re working, we’re going to stretch out a tiny bit here.

As outlined above, the insights within this entry have been sorted by our index score. To illustrate why we’ve made that choice, and how regarding our insights through the index lens gets to an audience’s heart, we’ve also included the top five influencers with both Tess Christine’s and Adam Gallagher’s audiences, sorted by raw numbers.

Adam Gallagher

Top 5 Influencers By %

As we previously explained is nearly inevitable, the biggest figures in social media dominate the above list. The index score is what gives any of these insights real meaning. In this case, all of these results are of interest as this audience displays affinity for these mega-influencers to degrees notably-to-significantly in excess of the baseline.

Most dramatic here, Lady Gaga —with 59 million fans on Facebook, 77 million on Twitter, 30 million on Instagram, 11 million subscribers on YouTube, etc. — finds fans among GALLA’s audience to a degree exceeding the baseline by what’s approaching three times.

To briefly further illustrate the significance of the index score we provide this:

Scanning down GALLA’s list we can see things more bluntly. On our web platform, line items that have indexed in excess of the baseline are represented with a green index score. Those which are under-indexed are shown in red.

President Trump is 31 on the list of influencers with whom Adam Gallagher shares an audience. The proportion of GALLA’s audience who are also in the president’s audience fall short of the baseline, however. Therefore it really says more about this audience’s truest affinities, in the grand scheme, that the portion of them exhibiting fondness for Beyoncé exceeds the baseline by what’s approaching three-and-one-fifth times.

Let us continue.

Influencers By Index

Sorted by index score we see that the influencers with whom Adam Gallagher most profoundly shares fans are mostly fashion figures and pop icons. Notably not bloggers nor those who are first and foremost social media influencers, but designers, models, and pop stars.

Old school YouTube star, and all-around social media celebrity, Tyler Oakley pops up in 10th place, finding favor among Adam Gallagher’s audience to an extent in excess of the baseline by five times.

Tess Christine

Top 5 Influencers By %

Looking at the influencers with whom Tess Christine most shares fans, in terms of raw numbers, this list is surely noteworthy. Virtually no one reaches a larger audience on social media than Taylor Swift. Still, her fans can be found among Tess Christine’s crowd to a degree exceeding the baseline by three-and-nine-tenths times.

Arianna Grande, no social media slouch herself, finds fans here to a degree in excess of the U.S. average to a legitimately dramatic seven-and-two-fifths times.

Influencers By Index

Here we really see the power of the index score, and the unique knowledge to be gained when viewing an audience’s affinities through its lens. Fellow fashion and lifestyle influencer Meredith Foster shares fans with Tess Christine to a degree exceeding the average U.S. social media audience by 106 ¾ times.

Social media influencers, in general, dominate the list when these insights are regarded through the index lens. It is a significant insight, in an overall way, to note that Tess Christine’s audience is deeply engaged with the world(s) of social media influencers, largely in the beauty and lifestyle realms.


Adam Gallagher

All brands above are fashion labels, and all certainly have prominent women’s lines. They are all noted, however, for their men’s designs. The international retailer topping the list, the Spanish headquartered Zara, finds admirers among GALLA’s audience to an extent exceeding the baseline by 20 ¾ times.

Tess Christine

As fashion labels dominate Adam’s list of brands, cosmetics manufacturers seem most prominent among Tess Christine’s.

Sigma Beauty, a makeup brush and accessory brand, finds affinity among this audience to degree exceeding the baseline by what’s approaching 25 ¾ times.


Adam Gallagher

A mixed bag of programming seems to find favor among Adam’s audience. The British shows ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘The Graham Norton Show’ (the former now produced by Netflix, the latter on U.K. television, however boasting an Irish host) each have fans here to degrees significantly in excess of the baseline.

The long-running competition program, ‘America’s Next Top Model’ tops the list here. The portion of this audience displaying affinity for it exceeds the baseline by nearly 20 ½ times.

Tess Christine

Tess Christine’s more decidedly young fan base is evident here, not so much for the shows it either does or does not share with Adam’s list, but for the proportions involved. ‘Riverdale’ — the CW’s quasi-David Lynchian reimagining of the world of ‘Archie’ comics —finds many fans among GALLA’s crowd, but here its fans are present to a degree comfortably over 26 times exceeding the baseline.


Adam Gallagher

A diverse array of interests, but many of which hover around the general vicinity of a more aesthetic driven,“urban” lifestyle. Some surprising outliers (from an arguably superficial, though not insignificant standpoint) to be found upon this list, however.

Those interested in weddings are not only most prominent here, they outnumber their ilk among the average U.S. social grouping by two-and-a-half times. Sci-fi and fantasy fans roam with this group — presumably while well coiffed and outfitted — to an extent exceeding the baseline by over two-and-a-quarter times.

Tess Christine

Tess Christine’s audience’s most prominent interests exceed the baseline by more significant extents than those ranking highly with GALLA’s crew. Women’s health, for example, is of interest to her audience to an extent exceeding the baseline by 12.9 times.


Adam Gallagher

Brit fashion photographer Nick Knight’s ‘SHOWstudio’ threw its hat into the web’s fashion sphere relatively early on, launching back in 2000. The site — which features live streams of runway shows, collaborations with many of fashion’s biggest names, and loads more exclusive content — finds enthusiasts among GALLA’s audience to a degree 61 ¼ times greater than the average.

Tess Christine

Where fashion is consistently most prominent with Adam Gallagher’s audience, makeup concerns seem to outstrip most others among Tess Christine’s.

Here the most prominent website is that belonging to the blogger known as Chrisspy. Chrisspy’s site finds admirers among Tess Christine’s audience to an extent surpassing the baseline by nearly 21 ⅔ times.


Adam Gallagher

UnStyled’ is the podcast of Christene Barberich, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Refinery29, a women’s style oriented website and digital media company. It finds listeners among Adam Gallagher’s audience to a degree exceeding the baseline by over 13 times.

A serious-minded streak reveals itself here as more political and news-oriented podcasts find fans among this crowd.

Tess Christine

On iTunes podcaster Gaby Dunn and her ‘Bad with Money’ podcast are described as bringing “a queer, feminist, unabashedly radical point of view to conversations with celebrities, journalists, politicians, authors, activists, and fellow deadbeats.” This with an eye on helping Millennials and Gen Z gain financial literacy. It finds listeners among Tess Christine’s audience to a degree exceeding the baseline by 12 ⅖ times.

The colorfully named ‘Guys We F****d’ podcast, hosted by comedians Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher, finds fans here to a degree exceeding the average American social media audience by what’s nearing seven-and-two-thirds times.


Adam Gallagher

Mexican born Juanpa Zurita (Juan Pablo Zurita) first found digital notoriety in 2013 during the heyday of folks doing so in six-second blasts via the micro-vlogging platform, Vine. As a few managed to do in the wake of the Vine moment passing, Zurita parlayed this auspicious launch into becoming an ongoing concern as a social media personality and influencer.

His YouTube channel, which has 8.8 million subscribers, finds its viewers among Adam Gallagher’s audience to a degree exceeding the average U.S. social media bunch by 13 ⅓ times.

Tess Christine

The YouTube channel of Tess Christine’s fellow women’s style influencer, Claudia Sulewski, quite dramatically tops the list here. Claudia finds viewers among Tess Christine’s audience to a vastly beyond magnificent degree that exceeds the baseline by 262 ⅓ times.

As YouTube is primarily Tess Christine’s domain — of the many social media platforms where she has surely made her mark — it’s perhaps unsurprising that affinity for YouTube channels in general among her audience profoundly exceeds the baseline. Influencer Gabi DeMartino’s very popular ‘Fancy Vlogs By Gab’ channel is the least viewed of those highlighted in this top 10 and it finds fans here to a degree exceeding the average social media herd by 130 ½ times.

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