Compare & Contrast: #SmallBusinessSaturday vs. #CyberMonday Audiences

The weekend before last was the Thanksgiving holiday, and this is how StatSocial celebrates.

We’ve utilized our considerable powers to analyze the many thousands posting online about two of the long-weekend’s widely-observed shopping holidays: Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

We’ve identified key differences between those two very important retail audiences. In sharing this, we’re demonstrating how StatSocial provides the most in-depth customer insights available on the market today.

What makes each audience distinctive is observable (even in this tiny sampling). We’ve explored not only the demographic data, but also top influencer and brand affinities. We have a lot more to offer, and you can visit the site directly, or even reach out to us to chat, to learn more.

An approximate visualization of Small Business Saturday (left) and Cyber Monday (right).

A quick summary of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, and a bit about what’s been reported this year regarding the performance of each.

  • Small Business Saturday is a shopping holiday founded by American Express in 2010.
  • It is designed for precisely the purpose suggested. Meaning, to stimulate growth within retail’s “mom & pop” sector.
  • Cyber Monday is a name, first used in 2005, to describe the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. Even before the coinage, that first day back at work had been reliably profitable in the ecommerce space. In recent years, the day breaks records.
  • This year’s Small Business Saturday (11/30/19) was a record breaking shopping day in the small biz sector. Over 100 mil customers spent $19.6 bil. $3.6 bil of that sum was spent online, according to Adobe Analytics.
  • Online sales were outstanding during this year’s Black Friday. They were up 43%, for a record-breaking $7.4 bil.
  • This year’s Cyber Monday brought in a record-breaking $9.4 bil in online sales. (Over $3 bil of which was spent using smartphones.)
  • Amazon shared that on 2019’s Cyber Monday customers purchased more items than during any day within the company’s history.
  • Adobe Analytics estimated that the holiday weekend in-full would find retail topping $29 bil. 20% of total revenue for the full holiday season, and up from 19% last year.


The data StatSocial utilizes for our insights is sourced from the earned engagement (meaning, what people read, like, follow, share, and talk about online) of over 300 million consumers. The analysis of all the content people engage with — which is made available in every StatSocial report — creates over 85,000 unique attributes per consumer.

Our analysis can be applied to virtually any sort of online audience you can imagine, from the customers of a certain brand, to the fans of a specific performer, or — as is the case here — those posting about a certain topic, or using a specific hashtag (or hashtags), or anything else you can imagine.

PLEASE NOTE: The footer of this entry provides a roadmap to many of the other audience insights we provide. We recommend clicking through the links there to learn more.

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A bit about the below insights:

The index scores in this entry (the numbers styled as 0.00x in the charts) quantify the extent to which the corresponding percentage is in excess of, is in line with, or falls short of the baseline.

PLEASE NOTE: For this study, the baseline being used is the average degree to which a piece of demographic info or an affinity is detectable among the entirety of Americans online.

So, enough of the gab. Let’s get to the stats.


Right off the bat some basic differences between these audiences are revealed.

Explanation: The above index scores report the degree to which the corresponding percentage is in line with, exceeds, or falls short of our baseline; for this report, the average American online audience. To further clarify: 55% of those posting about Small Business Saturday during the past week, or so, have been male. This percentage exceeds the occurrence of males within the average U.S. audience by 1.10 times.

The percentage of females within the Small Business Saturday group exceeds the baseline by one and one-tenth times.

While exceeding our index (the average U.S. online audience) by only a touch over 1%, those identifying as female nonetheless do make up the slight majority of the Cyber Monday audience.

Nearly one-third of the Cyber Monday group is between ages 18 and 24, which exceeds the baseline by one and one-fifth times.

For Small Business Saturday that same group are only about half as present. The over one-quarter of the SBS audience who are ages 55 and up, though, exist within this audience to an extent that exceeds what would be found within the average American online audience by 2.16 times.

Nearly one-half of the Small Business Saturday audience earns under $50k a year. This is notable, as this group skews a bit older than average. That percentage, however, is very nearly flush with the baseline, exceeding by only 1.03 times.

On the flipside, the nearly 16% of Cyber Monday’s audience earning over $100k annually is 1.47 times greater than what you’d find within the average American online audience.

EXPLANATION: The percentage column (“%”) reports the the percentage of individuals within the audience named above who have displayed a strong affinity for the corresponding line item (named in the column to the left). The index score quantifies the degree to which that percentage is in keeping with, falls short of, or exceeds the baseline. For this study, we’re using the average American online audience as our baseline. For example: 7.67% of those who posted online about Cyber Monday over the past 10 days, or so, are fans of Marvel Comics. This segment-size is greater than what you’d find among the average American online audience by 3.35 times.

For the SBS bunch, the brands that index most highly favor organizations and agencies that, when taken together, represent a decidedly left-leaning political preference. This top 10 contains no commercial brands, apart from Minor League Baseball (the affinity, in its way, being consistent with support for small business).

The Cyber Monday group shares one non-profit brand affinity with SBS, but otherwise indexes most strongly via affinities for commercial goods and services. The three most over-indexed brands are cosmetics and/or beauty related.

At number three on the list of brands that resonate most strongly with the Cyber Monday audience is Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty; it finds affinity among the CM crowd to a degree 5.35 times greater than the average American online audience.

Small businesses will usually be local, and this report is nationwide. It’s therefore unsurprising that only chains appear on the SBS list.

Target is the hippest of the big box department stores, Michaels is an art supply chain.

Nordstrom is a straight-up, high-end department store, of course, which disrupts the narrative. But StatSocial is here to report the facts, not tell a tidy and perfectly manicured story (that’s what marketing folks are for).

Cyber Monday folks dig two big box chains, both with strong online presences (Walmart being the second-biggest online retailer in the U.S.), and three beauty supply outlets.

And now into the digital side of things. Differences are evident at even a passing glance.

The bargain-hunting Honey browser extension finds favor with the Small Business Saturday lot to a degree exceeding the baseline by an eyebrow-raising 4.85 times.

A bit of that small-business supporting spirit is evident in Etsy, very possibly in eBay, and even Amazon, the last of which earns a substantial portion of its bottom-line through the third-party, small-business vendors.

I don’t care who he killed (spoilers!), but that Kylo Ren is adorable as a plushie.

Online tech-retailer, Newegg, receives love from the Cyber Monday team to a degree exceeding the baseline by 5.37 times., where merch-a-plenty is available — straight from the Mouse’s mouth — for such struggling enterprises as the MCU, Star Wars, Pixar, oh, and Walt Disney Studios. A likely great one-stop-shop for those with kids in their lives.

Won’t somebody think of the children?

Well, we have.

We’ve thrown the whole lot in here: Toy manufacturers, video game publishers, video game consoles, as well as specific toy lines and video game titles.

There may be Bronies among the Small Business Saturday bunch, impacting the results. But we suspect their impact was assisted by a larger contingent of non-Bronies. Further investigation, however, is required to know for certain.

While video game related things dominate both lists, sticking out From atop the Small Business Saturday side is My Little Pony. At 55% female, we have some reason to suspect that Bronies have not meaningfully contributed to this result. Further investigation, however, might be required.

Further digging into StatSocial’s reporting could shine a brighter light on that question. For now, we know that the percentage of the SBS audience displaying affinity for My Little Pony exceeds the baseline by 2.85 times.

The left side of politics again makes itself especially known with the SBS audience.

On the Cyber Monday side, things are more diverse. Two mega-YouTubers, MrBeast and Shane Dawson sit among many proper-influencers and very online creatures.

The Cyber Monday set’s favorite influencers: Aaliyah Jay (left) and Jackie Aina (right)

Topping the CM list are Alliyah Jay and Jackie Aina, over-indexed to degrees exceeding the baseline by 18.15 times and 15.28 times, respectively. Both quite popular beauty influencers. Both being present here, in addition to the makeup brands and beauty supply stores named above, provides a very relevant insight into the Cyber Monday audience.

With that, we’ll close for now. Peruse the rest of the blog here if you’d like to dive into more demonstrations of what StatSocial can do, and maybe learn a thing of two as well.

And we encourage you to start clicking the links below, and if interested to reach out to us directly.

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We encourage you to reach out, so we can schedule a time to chat.

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