Do NFL Fans Prefer Coke or Pepsi?

Hometown pride, perhaps, finds the Falcons’ fans most partial to Coke. Buffalo Bills’ enthusiasts, on the other hand, exhibit the strongest fondness for Pepsi.

Super Bowl LIII is coming down fast. The New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will be descending upon Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium with an eye on hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy upon their burly shoulders, and announcing to the world their plans to go to .

In the ever ramping up anticipation, we are continuing with our series of blog entries applying the might and diversity of the audience analysis tool to the fan bases of every NFL team. While demonstrating only a peek into ’s capabilities, it has enabled us to consider the nation’s most dedicated football fans from a number of different perspectives. After reading this entry, head on over to the greater .

This One Here Is a Biggie

The Hatfields and the McCoys, Ali and Frazier, the Yankees and the Red Sox, ‘The Munsters’ and the ‘Addams Family.’ In our world, there have been precious few rivalries that have even begun to approach that which has raged for æons between Coke and Pepsi.

If cola weren’t so awesome, it would almost seem frivolous. Cola, alas, is that awesome, and so this is some quite serious business.

Proportion of Coke vs. Pepsi Drinkers Among Each NFL Team’s Fans

With the below graphic, we show the results of our analysis. We’ve looked at hundreds of thousands of NFL fans, identifying all of those who drink Coke or Pepsi. From there, we’ve calculated preferences on a team-by-team basis. With this, we can see which cola is preferred — with those who drink cola — among each team’s fans.

Atlanta, Atlanta, That Toddlin’ Town

A rendering of what was The Coca-Cola building in Atlanta. The soft drink manufacturer’s home from 1909 to 1920.

By a rather sizable margin, the Falcons find themselves with the largest percentage of Coke drinkers in their midst. Atlanta is known for a lot of things, and has been home to its fair share of industry and successful businesses. Nothing to originate from Atlanta, however, has proved more enduring and iconic than their delicious, carbonated soft drink (sorry Ted Turner). Arguably, it’s the most famous American brand in the world. Top five, surely.

In a move roughly akin to Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra bringing their beef with King Ghidorah to the streets of Manhattan, Coke and Pepsi have duked it out globally, trying to win over the tastebuds of all the planet’s inhabitants.

Shuffle Off to Buffalo, For Some Pepsi and Wings

While this sweet and immensely popular drink was initially developed in North Carolina, the Panthers’ audience seems to reside cozily in Coca-Cola country.

Pepsi is now headquartered in Westchester County, New York. While in the same state, it is highly unlikely that geography is any sort of a factor in the popular soft drink finding the largest proportion of admirers among the fans of the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo, you see, is a good 400 miles from Pepsi HQ.

Pepsi shares a logo color-scheme with the Bills, which is coincidental, but does make for Pepsi’s branding integrating niftily into Bills related ephemera. Pepsi is also, not for nothing, the official soft drink of the Buffalo Bills.

I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

Perhaps now would not be the greatest time to point out that — while they do so to the smallest degree of all the team’s fan bases — Bills fans on the whole do prefer Coca-Cola as well.

The parent corporations of each American soft drink perennial manages a rich and diverse portfolio of food and beverage brands. The profitability of each company, on the whole, is not quite so easily summed up, and will vary from year to year. When it comes to the delicious, brown and bubbly drinks upon which these companies have built their empires, though, the NFL’s fans rather decidedly prefer Coca-Cola.

And with that…

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