The Cowboys have the NFL’s friendliest fans. Where does your team rank?

Jan 16, 2019 · 3 min read

Super Bowl LIII is approaching quickly, and we are continuing with our series of entries looking at the social media audiences of each NFL team from many different angles. The first and second entries in this series can be checked out here and here.

Today we ask a straightforward question, Which NFL Teams Have the Friendliest Fans?

What can be learned from the StatSocial audience analysis tool is incredible, as it dives right into the hearts and heads of those within any group it’s called upon to analyze.

Yes, But Friendliness Though?

A fair question (if you are asking it).

Thanks to StatSocial’s proud partnership with IBM Watson™ and the integration of their Personality Insights™ service into our reporting, we can not only break down an audience by affinities and demographics, but also by personality traits. How does Watson do that, you ask?

IBM Watson Personality Insights™ allows StatSocial to understand the personality types, traits, intrinsic needs, and values of individuals based on the way people write — i.e. the different types of language people choose to express themselves. IBM Watson understands the correlations between the use of language and personality traits. StatSocial applies this insight to all of our analyses. This blog post is a mere demonstration, and is only the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps the use of language like “y’all,” “Bless your heart”, and “Might could” is highly correlated with friendly people. (Spoiler alert, by the way!)

Let’s get into the numbers, shall we? Do these results agree with your perception?

The Dallas Cowboys may have had their “America’s Team” mantle usurped by the New England Patriots, but any frustrations born of this have evidently not manifested themselves as general orneriness. While still a bit above average, in terms of friendliness — as all the teams’ audiences arethe Patriots’ fans are in fact the third least friendly of all the NFL’s squads.

StatSocial’s hometown of New York City finds its two teams’ fans ranked, respectively, as the least friendly and next to least friendly out of the bunch. We may seem crabby on the outside, but we assure you there are hearts of gold beating beneath our grumpy facades.

Northern and /or coastal metropolitan areas populate the lower-reaches, whereas the audiences reflected in the top five are all southern. While it would be terrific to buck expectation, we know as New Yorkers who have also experienced the southland’s legendary hospitality firsthand that some expectations are reasonable.

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We’ll be visiting numerous subjects of this general nature — all highlighting the rich and varied affinities of each NFL team’s fans — in the days running up to Super Bowl LIII.

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