7 Steps To Successfully Launch A Product

Rob Pene
Status Impact Magazine
9 min readFeb 10, 2021


Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

Here’s a skeleton Launch Plan that I shared with someone recently. This artist has a Christian Hip Hop CD releasing on September 25 and after inquiring about his promotional release plan, he mentioned that he only had planned on sending an email blast to his email list and utilizing Twitter and Facebook.

I proceeded to plug in his CD release date within the 7 vital principles of launching a product. I decided to share with you the brief skeleton plan I drafted up for him (timeline in red text), along with a breakdown of each of the 7 principles I think are crucial for your product launch.

These principles will help you in your endeavor to launch ANY product!

Launch Date: Sep. 25

Skeleton Plan


The significance of backwards planning is allowing yourself an opportunity to see the bigger picture. The overall goal is to obviously shoot for the launch date, however, you’ll need to break down the weeks before into smaller chunks in order to get MAXIMUM traction for your product.

It’s just like any other goal setting endeavor you may have. If it’s losing weight, you’ll want to set the “mark” date of your ideal weight loss and work toward that by planning out your eating schedule, workout schedule, the days you do your cardio, etc…Launching a product is no exception!

Take a look at the sample backwards plan for this CD release. * Note: This was a quick and brief “IDEA-FLOW” that came to me when I realized he was only planning on sending an email about his CD release. My explanations below are targeted to this specific case study (Releasing a music CD) When I normally plan a release, this Skeleton Plan actually takes shape to be about 10–15 pages of ACTION STEPS, A CHECKLIST, CONTACT SPOTS, etc…so even though it’s just a skeleton rendering, you’ll get the overall picture.

Launch week: Sept 19–25

  • bring the campaign to the culmination of the EVENT
  • super huge email blast with nice graphics different from the other visuals in previous email blasts
  • social media