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12 popular React links from November

We’ve dug through all React & React Native links shared in JavaScript Weekly and React Status in the past month and collected together the most popular articles, tools and tutorials readers enjoyed.

Here’s 12 popular React links we’ve shared throughout November 2016 (in no particular order) for you to browse through:

01: Blueprint — A React UI toolkit for the web

Palantir Technologies

A collection of React UI components, covering the majority of the common interface elements, patterns and interactions on the web.

02: Testing a React-driven website’s SEO using “Fetch as Google”

Patrick Hund

An investigation using a sandbox React project to test exactly what Google can crawl and index.

03: Introducing React Komposer 2

Arunoda Susiripala

Feed data into React components by composing containers. This works with any kind of data store whether Redux, Promises, RxJX, MobX, etc.

04: Multifactor Authentication in your React Apps (with Auth0)

Prosper Otemuyiwa

Multi-factor auth can add a key extra layer of security to protect your users.

05: Do I Even Need a Routing Library?

James K Nelson

So you’re building a React app, but your routing library jumped two major versions overnight. James asks, do you really even need it?.

06: Autocomplete Widget with React

Azat Mardan

This project guides you through building an autocomplete function similar to the one that you might see in Slack.

07: Preact: A Fast React-compatible alternative

Jason Miller

Preact is a fast, 3KB React alternative which has come along significantly this year. It’s recently seen lots of updates along with an uptick in adoption.

08: Choosing Ember over React in 2016

Jesse Pollak

This isn’t about if Ember is better than React, but is a thorough look at how and why one team chose Ember for their project.

09: React FAQ

Tim Arney

This handy guide aims to pull together quality content about React core concepts into a central location for quick reference.

10: Create a Reactive UI Framework with JS Proxies and Virtual DOM

Francesco Strazzullo

A quick look at the core of creating a React + MobX-lite of your own.

11: Debug Component Performance with ES7 Annotations

Bastian Heist

Using a custom ES7 decorator to find the reasons behind any rendering performance issues.

12: React v15.4.0 Released

Dan Abramov

React v15.4.0 arrived this month, bringing with it the separation of React and the React DOM.

Other additions include the ability for React component events to be monitored via the Chrome Timeline, and the facility to provide mock refs to test renderers.

Looking for more React resources and articles?

Check out React Status — a free once-weekly email round-up of React links from the past seven days.




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