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I’ve been using Docker for years now, in my previous professional experiences and for my company ( customers and I wanted to share my knowledge, that’s why I started Painless Docker Course.

I write a lot about Docker, containers, orchestration and distributed systems and I found it exciting that many of the book readers were satisfied.

This cheat sheet is a part of the original one that you can find in Painless Docker Course.

The git repo is public and your contributions are welcome.

Update: I created a dedicated website for this cheat sheet, you can see it here:



curl -sSL | sh


Use this link to download the dmg.


Use the msi installer:

Docker Registries & Repositories

Login to a Registry

docker logindocker login localhost:8080

Logout from a Registry

docker logoutdocker logout localhost:8080

Searching an Image

docker search nginxdocker search nginx --stars=3 --no-trunc busybox

Pulling an Image

docker pull nginxdocker pull eon01/nginx localhost:5000/myadmin/nginx

Pushing an Image

docker push eon01/nginxdocker push eon01/nginx localhost:5000/myadmin/nginx

Running Containers

Creating a Container

docker create -t -i eon01/infinite --name infinite

Running a Container

docker run -it --name infinite -d eon01/infinite

Renaming a Container

docker rename infinite infinity

Removing a Container

docker rm infinite

Updating a Container

docker update --cpu-shares 512 -m 300M infinite

Starting & Stopping Containers


docker start nginx


docker stop nginx


docker restart nginx


docker pause nginx


docker unpause nginx

Blocking a Container

docker wait nginx

Sending a SIGKILL

docker kill nginx

Connecting to an Existing Container

docker attach nginx

Getting Information about Containers

Running Containers

docker psdocker ps -a

Container Logs

docker logs infinite

Inspecting Containers

docker inspect infinitedocker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' $(docker ps -q)

Containers Events

docker events infinite

Public Ports

docker port infinite

Running Processes

docker top infinite

Container Resource Usage

docker stats infinite

Inspecting Changes to Files or Directories on a Container’s Filesystem

docker diff infinite

Manipulating Images

Listing Images

docker images

Building Images

docker build .docker build build - < Dockerfiledocker build - < context.tar.gzdocker build -t eon/infinite .docker build -f myOtherDockerfile .curl | docker build -f - .

Removing an Image

docker rmi nginx

Loading a Tarred Repository from a File or the Standard Input Stream

docker load < ubuntu.tar.gzdocker load --input ubuntu.tar

Save an Image to a Tar Archive

docker save busybox > ubuntu.tar

Showing the History of an Image

docker history

Creating an Image Fron a Container

docker commit nginx

Tagging an Image

docker tag nginx eon01/nginx

Pushing an Image

docker push eon01/nginx


Creating Networks

docker network create -d overlay MyOverlayNetworkdocker network create -d bridge MyBridgeNetworkdocker network create -d overlay \
--subnet= \
--subnet= \
--gateway= \
--gateway= \
--ip-range= \
--aux-address="my-router=" --aux-address="my-switch=" \
--aux-address="my-printer=" --aux-address="my-nas=" \

Removing a Network

docker network rm MyOverlayNetwork

Listing Networks

docker network ls

Getting Information About a Network

docker network inspect MyOverlayNetwork

Connecting a Running Container to a Network

docker network connect MyOverlayNetwork nginx

Connecting a Container to a Network When it Starts

docker run -it -d --network=MyOverlayNetwork nginx

Disconnecting a Container from a Network

docker network disconnect MyOverlayNetwork nginx

Cleaning Docker

Removing a Running Container

docker rm nginx

Removing a Container and its Volume

docker rm -v nginx

Removing all Exited Containers

docker rm $(docker ps -a -f status=exited -q)

Removing All Stopped Containers

docker rm `docker ps -a -q`

Removing a Docker Image

docker rmi nginx

Removing Dangling Images

docker rmi $(docker images -f dangling=true -q)

Removing all Images

docker rmi $(docker images -a -q)

Stopping & Removing all Containers

docker stop $(docker ps -a -q) && docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

Removing Dangling Volumes

docker volume rm $(docker volume ls -f dangling=true -q)

Docker Swarm

Installing Docker Swarm

curl -ssl | bash

Initializing the Swarm

docker swarm init --advertise-addr

Getting a Worker to Join the Swarm

docker swarm join-token worker

Getting a Manager to Join the Swarm

docker swarm join-token manager

Listing Services

docker service ls

Listing nodes

docker node ls

Creating a Service

docker service create --name vote -p 8080:80 instavote/vote

Listing Swarm Tasks

docker service ps

Scaling a Service

docker service scale vote=3

Updating a Service

docker service update --image instavote/vote:movies votedocker service update --force --update-parallelism 1 --update-delay 30s nginxdocker service update --update-parallelism 5--update-delay 2s --image instavote/vote:indent votedocker service update --limit-cpu 2 nginxdocker service update --replicas=5 nginx

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