Interesting YouTube Channels Hacker News Readers Enjoy

Because YouTube isn’t all just Zoella and PewDiePie…

While YouTube recommends channels and videos to watch, its choices can be a mixed bag. We still keep hearing about great channels we’d have subscribed to ages ago if only we knew about them.

After seeing a thread play out on Hacker News about which YouTube channels folks were enjoying, we thought it’d be fun to bring together some of them, as well as others we’ve seen recommended on Hacker News over the years, in case you’re looking for some new channels to enjoy.


Subscribers: 5,736,981

Want to learn about philosophy, games and physics but only have 15 minutes to spare? No problem, CrashCourse have got it covered whether it’s about how computers do arithmetic or how logic gates work.


Subscribers: 23,903

Joel Yliluoma is a speedrunner and developer who produces videos about anything that interests him in the world of programming from creating a DOOM-style engine in C or a NES emulator in C++11 through to creating music in a single line of C and cracking old videogame passwords. This channel is a must for anyone who really loves the art of programming.

Retro Game Mechanics Explained

Subscribers: 7,741

Calling out to all Nintendo fans! This channel explores the world of Super Mario. Although there’s not many videos on this channel there’s a great Super Nintendo Entertainment System features series. The first episode explains the use of graphics and palettes.


Subscribers: 780,472

This is a perennial favorite, and a channel that puts a huge amount of effort into its productions. Covering everything there is to know about computers including the basic operations inside the CPU and how PHP sites are vulnerable to hackers.


Subscribers: 2,011,684

The more popular sister account of Computerphile, Numberphile covers everything, you guessed it, to do with numbers and math, including how to purchase 43 Chicken McNuggets to puzzles.

Photonic Induction

Subscribers: 308,317

Love electricity? Want to see a British electrical engineer do crazy stuff like get a 20kW bulb running in his living room or vacuum up a fire? This is your chap.

Wendover Productions

Subscribers: 537,031

Asking the question of ‘Why is’ and answering with ‘how’ because we all love knowing the ins-and-outs of how things work. From the Economics of airline class to How Maritime Law Works.

Engineering Explained

Subscribers: 1,175,263

How do cars work? It’s a simple question without a simple answer.

Because we’ve all wanted to know the major differences between gasoline and petrol, and if it is better to warm your car up before driving, right?


Subscribers: 445,321

Consumer Tech — from a Tech Consumer

Reviews of the latest gadgets and looking back on classic devices like the Vinyl/cds and Movies on Vinyl.

Primitive Technologies

Subscribers: 4,059,519

If you want to a break from the latest technologies and want to sit in silence and learn how to build a tiled roof hut or create a spear thrower.


Subscribers: 4,027,695

Veritasium features a variety of videos including a walk around Chernobyl and asks the important question: Can silence actually drive you insane?

Tom Scott

Subscribers: 775,736

Looking for bite sized videos of information? Like how green screen worked before computers or why British plugs are the best? Fellow Brit Tom Scott has the answers.

Physics Girl

Subscribers: 606,804

“Physics videos for every atom and eve.”

Quick, high-level videos which don’t go into a huge amount of detail but cover things like the techniques behind looking at the smallest particles in existence in an easily accessible way.


Subscribers: 256,652

This mathematical comedian may have a smaller amount of subscribers but doesn’t lack in video variety which include a comedy routine about spreadsheets and a tutorial on how to cheat a rubik’s cube.

Plus I think we can all agree we’d love to know how to win a game of Monopoly.

If all that doesn’t tick your subscription boxes, here are a few more suggestions from the HN thread: