Ten Inspiring Programming Quotes

Motivational words of wisdom shared by developers

CodeWisdom is a Twitter account sharing quotes and computing knowledge from legends and users across the programming industry.

The account is curated by yours truly, Za’e Johnson. 💁 I’m always searching for thought provoking quotes, or digging through books for a classic programming quote to share with our audience.

In honour of the account recently hitting 70,ooo followers 🎉, I thought it would be great opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, look at recently liked tweets and learn more about the people behind the quotes.

Here’s a selection of some recent highlights via CodeWisdom:

Ellen Ullman

Writer/ Software Engineer

Everyone likes quotes that they can relate too right? So it’s understandable why Ellen’s quote reached over 1.9k likes.

Former Software Engineer Ellen Ullman worked in programming for 20 years before becoming a fiction writer. Ullman’s been able to use aspects and experience from her programming career to write fiction novels like The Bug, Close to the Machine and By Blood.

Fredrick Brooks

Computer architect / Software Engineer / Computer Scientist / Author

This is one of CodeWisdom’s most popular tweets since the account began back in February 2012. Unsurprisingly, opinionated tweets gain a lot of a attention and are a topic for much discussion/debate.

Fred Brooks is the author of Mythical Man-Month.

Patrick McKenzie

Engineer / Blogger on Software Marketing

Just a little reminder to everyone that anything is possible, especially when you’ve hit a wall with your code and feel like you’re getting nowhere. 👍

Michael A. Jackson

Computer scientist / Author

Tweets featuring advice always get attention. Jackson’s quote has over 600 likes.

Michael’s series of developed methods include: Jackson Structured Programming, Jackson System Development and Problem Frames Approach and he’s the author of Principles of Program Design and Software Requirements & Specifications.

This quote is mentioned in Steve McConell’s book Code Complete.

Grace Hopper

US Navy Rear Admiral / Computer Scientist

Nicknamed Amazing Grace, Grace Hopper is a highly respected and inspirational woman. Seeing as she is the face of CodeWisdom we were not surprised to see Grace’s quotes receive plenty of love.

Here’s a video of Grace being interviewed by David Letterman.

Niklaus Wirth

Computer Scientist

Niklaus Wirth’s quote regarding the cause of complexity made a huge impression with the CodeWisdom audience.

Wirth is known for designing programming languages like Pascal, Algol-W and Euler.

Andrew Hunt

Writer / Programmer / Consultant / Publisher

As a man of many trades, Andy’s experience in programming reflects well in his quotes, as they’ll often receive a great reception from CodeWisdom followers.

Alongside David Thomas, Hunt wrote The Pragmatic Programmer and Programming Ruby with Chad Fowler. The pair publish programming books over on The Pragmatic Bookshelf. Andrew Hunt is also one of the 17 original authors of the Agile Manifesto.

Jeremy Keith

Web Developer/ Author / musician

A quote taken from Jeremy Keith’s book Resilient Web Design saw lots of attention from CodeWisdom followers.

Many mentioned its similarity to Chris Heilmann’s quote “Java is to JavaScript what Car is to Carpet.” and some followers even came up with their own versions.

Oscar Godson

Software Engineer / Web Developer

The Founder of YorkshireInteractive and CTO of Vault Oscar Godson’s quote is a a great piece of advice to programmers and majority of CodeWisdom’s audience.

Godson’s reaction to being featured on Codewisdom

Oscar is the Editor of many medium publications including: The JavaScript Collection, How I Write and 5 Programmers Questions.

Last but not least a quote from …

Louis Srygley

This is a great example of telling it how it is. Basic programming wisdom that you can’t argue with.

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