The 13 most popular Database links of 2016

We’ve gone through the data and brought together the most popular articles shared in DB Weekly from the past twelve months.

DB Weekly is a free email round-up of the latest database technology news and articles covering new developments in SQL, NoSQL, document databases, graph databases, and more.

So, sit back and enjoy — here’s 13 popular database related articles from 2016:

1: Ten SQL Tricks That You Didn’t Think Were Possible

Lukas Eder | Shared in Issue 102

A fun, and very extensive, walkthrough of the possibilities and properties of SQL that you may have overlooked.

2: Forrester’s Crowded NoSQL Wave Shows Abundant Options

Alex Woodie| Shared in Issue 119

A high level, commercial look at the increasingly crowded NoSQL database market, based on an interesting report by Forrester.

3: Why Uber Engineering Switched from Postgres to MySQL

Evan Klitzke | Shared in Issue 115

Uber Engineering explains the technical reasoning behind its switch in database technologies.

4: SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

Ferruh Mavituna | Shared in Issue 97

A detailed resource to find technical information about the many different variants of SQL injection vulnerabilities. A good reference for both seasoned penetration testers and those just getting started in web app security.

5: On Uber’s Choice of Databases

Markus Winand| Shared in Issue 116

Uber’s story of its move away from Postgres to MySQL got a lot of attention this year.

In response, we saw a few well reasoned replies from the Postgres community, including this one.

6: Ten Easy Steps to a Complete Understanding of SQL

Lukas Eder | Shared in Issue 96

A walk through some of the fundamentals of SQL and the key concepts it introduces by being a declarative language rather than imperative or object oriented.

7: All About Indexes: The Very Basics

Emil Drkušić | Shared in Issue 112

Well defined indexes will improve your database’s performance significantly, but how do they work?

8: Five Reasons You Should Use SQLite in 2016

Charles Leifer| Shared in Issue 86

SQLite, a self-contained, zero-config SQL database engine, is frequently underestimated. But it’s fast, convenient, and there are compelling reasons to use it in certain contexts.

9: Seven Handy SQL Scripts for SQL Developers

Sovit Poudel | Shared in Issue 105

“A few SQL scripts which have proven to be very useful for my daily job as a SQL developer.” — Sovit shares what he finds handy.

10: A Comparison of 10 Open Source Time Series Databases

Steven Acreman| Shared in Issue 120

The author looks at and ranks DalmatinerDB, InfluxDB, Prometheus, Riak TS, OpenTSDB, KairosDB, Elasticsearch, Druid, Blueflood and Graphite.

11: Nineteen Resources for Learning About Database Design Errors

Jeffrey Edison | Shared in Issue 89

A look at numerous online resources for avoiding poor database design that can lead to many problems and cost both time and money.

12: NoSQL Databases: A Survey and Decision Guidance

Felix Gessert | Shared in Issue 118

This incredibly thorough overview of the NoSQL landscape proved popular.

13: Five Mistakes Beginners Make When Working with Databases

Craig Kerstiens | Shared in Issue 108

“There’s a number of bad practices that tend to get picked up when working with databases, here’s a rundown of just a few.”

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