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The 15 most popular Ruby links of 2016 🔻

We’ve delved into all the data from Ruby Weekly and found the most popular links of the year.

Here’s a round-up of articles, news and tutorials that readers clicked on in 2016:

1: The ‘Is it Ruby or Rails?’ Quiz

Ivan Nemytchenko | Shared in Issue 305

A fun quiz to see if you remember “where Ruby ends and Rails starts.” Curiously, neither Matz nor DHH got 10 out of 10.

2: Rails Has Won: The Elephant in The Room

Fabio Akita | Shared in Issue 299

Many people expressed concern about the state of Rails, with some choosing to leave the Ruby community altogether. Were these concerns something you worried about this year? Here’s a response to Piotr Solnica’s My Time with Rails is Up which attracted a lot of attention.

3: Rails 5.0 Released

DHH | Shared in Issue 304

The release of Rails 5.0 proved popular. Headline features include Action Cable, a framework for handling WebSockets in Rails apps, API mode, ideal for building back-ends to single-page apps, and Turbolinks 5.

4: How DHH Organizes His Rails Controllers

Jerome Dalbert | Shared in Issue 287

Paraphrasing: “Whenever I have the inclination I want to add a method on a controller that’s not part of the default REST actions, I make a new controller.”

5: Five Ruby Methods You Should Be Using

Ben Lewis | Shared in Issue 279

Walkthroughs and examples for methods like Object#tap, Array#bsearch (a Ruby 2.0-ism) and Enumerable#flat_map.

You’ll pick up a trick or two here.

6: Hunting for Great Names in Programming

DHH | Shared in Issue 312

DHH walks us through his process in driving out a name for a class and method. A lesson in one of the hard things in programming.

7: Let The Asset Pipeline Die

Giles Bowkett | Shared in Issue 318

A long but interesting post from a long standing Rubyist and community firebrand on Ruby’s relationship to JavaScript, full-stack development, ‘niceness’, and more.

8: A Tale of Replacing React with Rails

Jacob Gillespie | Shared in Issue 312

The journey of a developer who moved a React-powered app to Rails including why he decided to do it and how it worked out.

9: I Am A ‘puts’ Debuggerer

Aaron Patterson | Shared in Issue 284

Don’t be ashamed if placing puts (or p) statements throughout your code is your debugging style - Ruby and Rails core team member Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson does it, and shows off a ton of great examples here.

10: Matz, Koichi & Tenderlove on the Future of Ruby Performance

Jonan Scheffler | Shared in Issue 323

At RubyKaigi, Jonan Scheffler caught up with three of Ruby’s biggest names to talk about Ruby 3x3 and Ruby’s path to significantly improved performance.

11: 11 Ruby Tricks You (Maybe) Haven’t Seen Before

Jesus Castello | Shared in Issue 281

“I knew all but one of these but I love poking around with this stuff. I’m sure you’ll find a new tidbit here, even if it’s not useful for everyday coding.”

12: A 20 Minute Rails 5 Tour with DHH

DHH | Shared in Issue 300

Much of Rails’ early popularity was owed to a ‘build a blog in 15 minutes’ video DHH recorded in 2004 — so this video of DHH covering similar ground, but with Rails 5’s features was welcomed.

13: Rails Database Best Practices

Christian Nelson | Shared in Issue 324

These nine rules that every Rails developer could read and re-read got plenty of attention.

14: Using Rails for API-Only Applications

Ruby on Rails Guides| Shared in Issue 285

An under development official guide to using Rails 5’s ‘Rails API’ feature to create an API-only app.

15: 101 Ruby Code Factoids

Daniel P. Clark | Shared in Issue 28o

A fun grab bag of interesting things (and their usage) in Ruby, from Hash#invert and IRB’s _ to unary operators and aliases.

How many do you already know?

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