The 18 most popular Node links of 2016 💻

The end of the year is drawing to close and it’s been an eventful year for Node.js.

Lets look back at the most popular links featured in Node Weekly this year:

1: Three High-Impact ES6 Features Coming Soon to Node

Ryan Paul | Shared in Issue 128

V8 4.9, as ended up being used in Node 6.0, brought Node closer to full ES6 support. Ryan Paul dug into his three favorite features the new V8 eventually enabled for us all.

2: An Object Database for Node

Realm Team | Shared in Issue 164

Realm is an object database where you simply work with objects as you’re used to and they’re persisted directly.

3: JSON is Not Cool Anymore: Implementing Protocol Buffers in Node

Azat Mardan | Shared in Issue 141

Protocol Buffers (protobuf) provide an interesting alternative to JSON. They’re denser and provide data schemas for enforcement of structure.

4: You Don’t Know Node: Quick Intro to Core Features

Azat Mardan | Shared in Issue 132

An extensive article inspired by Kyle Simpson’s You Don’t Know JS books, that acts as a refresher on topics like the event loop, emitters, streams, buffers, clustering, and so on.

5: How to Become a Better Node.js Developer in 2016

Gergely Nemeth| Shared in Issue 119

Gergely Nemeth covered things like semantic versioning, databases, dependencies, build systems and error handling.

6: Eleven Simple npm Tricks

Tierney Coren| Shared in Issue 153

Using npm as effectively as possible can be difficult. Here is a list of eleven bite-size tricks to help speed up development.

7: Node.js Anti-Patterns and Bad Practices

Igor Soarez | Shared in Issue 141

In a 20 minute talk at Node.js Live in Paris, Igor Soarez looked at how an influx of developers from various cultures has lead to anti-patterns emerging in Node code.

8: Six of the Most Exciting ES6 Features in Node v6 LTS

Tierney Coren | Shared in Issue 162

With an updated version of V8 under the hood, there’s now major support for something near and dear to many JavaScript developers’ hearts: ES6. This remains true even now as Node 7.x is available.

9: Nineteen Things Learnt From Reading Node’s Docs

David Gilbertson| Shared in Issue 163

David knows Node well, but upon reading through Node’s documentation some more, a variety of interesting techniques jumped out at him.

10: Server-Side Rendering With React, Node And Express

Dmitry Nutels | Shared in Issue 127

An incredibly in-depth tutorial, complete with code, diagrams, and insights, into the process behind creating an isomorphic/universal React app using React and Express.

11: Visual Debugging with ES6 and Node

Alon Salant | Shared in Issue 161

An interesting look at introducing visual debugging whilst developing Node apps via both the Node Inspector and JetBrains WebStorm.

12: Ten Useful npm Tips and Tricks

Craig Buckler | Shared in Issue 163

From autocompletion to locking down your dependencies, Craig Buckler shares 10 useful tips.

13: How One Developer Just ‘Broke’ Node, Babel and Thousands of Projects

Chris Williams| Shared in Issue 130

Remember the left-pad drama? This brief high-level summary of how the unpublishing of the left-padmodule caused other projects to break got plenty of clicks.

14: Server-Side Web Components: How and Why?

Jordan Last | Shared in Issue 146

Did you realize it’s possible to define server code declaratively using server-side web components? Some slightly mind-bending stuff here that saw plenty of clicks.

15: How Developers use Node.js — Survey Results

Gergely Nemeth|Shared in Issue 155

RisingStack conducted a survey during Summer 2016 to find out how developers use Node and related technologies. MongoDB and Redis proved very popular, as did console.log 😉.

16: Now: The Fastest Way to Deploy A Node Service

Zeit| Shared in Issue 132

A new service that looks a little like a ‘Heroku for Node’ on the surface, but which takes some interesting approaches to the task of rapidly deploying Node apps.

17: Node.js Project Structure Tutorial

Gergely Nemeth | Shared in Issue 137

For beginners. Learn how to properly structure a Node project to avoid confusion when it starts to grow.

18: An Embedded Database in Node.js Using LevelDB

Pedro Teixeira | Shared in Issue 161

Part of a series looking at interacting with databases from Node. This time, LevelDB — a fast key-value store from Google.

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