The 9 most popular Golang links from 2016

What a year it’s been for our favorite programming gopher.

This year Golang celebrated its 7th birthday 🎉 and we saw the release of Go 1.7. Our email Go Newsletter also passed 16,000 subscribers.

We thought it would be great to showcase some of the most popular Go links from this year.

Here’s what readers of Go Newsletter clicked on in 2016:

1: What Should We Be Excited About in Go 1.8?

Brad Fitzpatrick| Shared in Issue 125

Brad Fitzpatrick shares his thoughts on what to look forward to in Go 1.8 — expected in February 2017.

SSA for all architectures, more optimizations, a new and faster frontend parser, smaller binaries, and more. The Reddit thread here has some interesting answers to followup questions.

2: Go’s Alias Proposal and All My Concerns of Google Controlling Go

Jack Lindamood | Shared in Issue 134

A worthwhile summary of an issue affecting Go. “The alias proposal is the wrong solution to a much bigger issue in Go’s ability to meet its stated goals.”

3: Go Best Practices, Six Years In

Peter Bourgon | Shared in Issue 108

A great set of insights and tips from an experienced Go developer. This saw a lot of love on social media and remains a must read.

4: Introducing Go 2.0 (A Thought Experiment Only)

Dave Cheney | Shared in Issue 133

No, Go 2.0 isn’t really here (yet), but Dave Cheney raises the possibility in order to think about what Go 2.0 could actually be and how it would relate to Go 1.x.

5: Ten Million Concurrent Websockets

Goroutines | Shared in Issue 100

A look at how using a stock debian-8 image and a Go-backed server, you can handle 10M concurrent connections with low throughput and moderate jitter.

6: Go Fonts — New Fonts Specifically Designed for Go Code

The Go Blog | Shared in Issue 136

A new, high quality family of open source fonts has been designed specifically for the Go project.

7: Awesome Go LibHunt — Curated Go Tools and Libraries

LibHunt | Shared in Issue 109

Hundreds of Go resources (mostly libraries and tools hosted on GitHub) organized into categories and sorted by ‘popularity score’.

8: Go Channels are Bad

JT olds| Shared in Issue 99

It’s a bit bombastic in how it raises its points, but it resulted in a lot of discussion on Hacker News and Reddit. YMMV.

9: Writing High Performance Go

Dave Cheney| Shared in issue 106

Useful slides from a talk given by Dave Cheney at GopherChina.

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