The most popular JavaScript links of 2016

We’ve dug through all the stats for every link we’ve shared in JavaScript Weekly throughout 2016 and collected together the most popular.

Here’s a handy round-up of the articles, videos and tutorials that readers have clicked on in the past twelve months.

1: Master the JavaScript Interview: What is a Closure?

Eric Elliott | Shared in Issue 265

Part of Eric Elliott’s series of posts digging into common JS job interview questions.

On the question of closures, he notes: “If you can’t answer this question, you’re a junior developer.”

2: Refactoring a JavaScript video store

Martin Fowler | Shared in Issue 284

A great read from the renowned author of Refactoring, where he reimplements an example (from the book) in ES6, and shows off four refactoring approaches.

3: Getting Started with Webpack 2

Drew Powers| Shared in Issue 308

This walkthrough of the 2nd version of popular JavaScript bundler Webpack got plenty of attention when shared back in early November.

If of interest, then this handy guide for migrating to Webpack 2 from Jack Franklin may also be worth you checking out.

4: A Guide to Proper Error Handling in JavaScript

Camilo Reyes | Shared in Issue 279

A look at approaches and best practices to error handling in JavaScript, including how to deal with errors thrown by asynchronous code.

5: Six Nifty ES6 Tricks

Axel Rauschmayer | Shared in Issue 285

Dr. Axel shows off some tricks enabled by new features in ES6, such as enforcing mandatory function arguments and efficient value swapping.

6: What’s New in jQuery 3

Aurelio De Rosa | Shared in Issue 273

Aurelia De Rosa details all of the important additions, changes and deprecations in the upcoming version of jQuery.

7: Yarn: A New Package Manager for JavaScript

Facebook Code| Shared in Issue 305

Yarn is a new way to install and manage your npm packages. The initial community response in October was very positive.

8: A Glimpse Into the Future with React Native for Web

Clayton Anderson | Shared in Issue 296

React went from the Web to native with React Native, but now we have React Native for Web which brings React Native’s predictable components to the Web.

9: The State of JavaScript — The Results

Sacha Greif | Shared in Issue 304

The (very thorough) results from Sacha Greif’s (creator of Telescope) ‘State of JavaScript’ survey.

Over 9,000 people took part and there’s lots to learn here.

10: Leveling Up Your JavaScript

Raymond Camden | Shared in Issue 270

Tips, techniques and tools that can improve your development skills for anyone learning JavaScript.

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