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The Top 10 Serverless Links of 2017 ⚡️

2017 saw the arrival of Statuscode’s latest newsletter Serverless Status. Curated by Raymond Camden, the newsletter covers the latest updates on serverless architectures and paradigms.

Here’s a run through of what subscribers of Serverless Status were reading in 2017.

An Essential Guide to the Serverless Ecosystem

Rafal Gancarz

A roundup of key Serverless computing platforms, tools and frameworks available.

Featured in May’s Issue 4

nuclio: The New Serverless Superhero

yaron haviv

Nuclio is a framework, written in Go, for high-performance Serverless real-time event and data processing.

Featured in October’s Issue 26

The Emerging GraphQL & Serverless Stack for Building Static Web Sites

Mark Boyd

“Startups are building next generation stacks combining GraphQL, cloud-based storage, and edge service providers to deliver their sites. The next goal? To make the whole architecture model serverless.”

Featured in September’s Issue 20

A Serverless Performance Shootout

Matt Billock

A performance and usability comparison of three function-as-a-service providers: AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and Microsoft Azure Functions.

Featured in August’s Issue 15

Build Your First Serverless Webapp


A practical five module online workshop from Amazon that focuses on AWS Lambda, unsurprisingly, and covers areas like user management and RESTful APIs.

Featured in July’s Issue 11

Why Are Webhooks Better Than Serverless Extensibility?

Randall Degges

A well made argument that webhooks are more often the right way to go for situations where customers are extending upon your service.

Featured in October’s Issue 24

Hacker News Users on Using AWS Lambda in Production

Hacker News

A Hacker News thread with over 100 comments answering the question: ‘How was your experience with AWS Lambda (Amazon’s serverless platform) in production?’

Featured in June’s Issue 8

A Serverless Cost Calculator

Peter Sbarski

A cool calculator to provide estimates for Serverless usage across Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and OpenWhisk.

Featured in June’s Issue 9

Why The JVM Is A Good Choice for Serverless

John Chapin

Featured in July’s Issue 10

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to ‘Serverless’ JavaScript

Node.js YouTube Channel

A walkthrough of one company’s entire Serverless stack, with a heavy focus on the ‘why’.

Featured in May’s Issue 2

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