Tag 29 — The waterfall

We arrived in Jacksons. Everything is good. The lady from the Holiday park was just so nice and we could help her feeding her goat, 10 chickens and her parrot. We were surrounded by beautiful mountains, sun was shining and the spirits are up.

In the afternoon we decided to go the 15 Minutes to the waterfall right behind the Holiday park through nice thick native forest. The lady told us that the water is freezing cold, but it can be done. Sure! Miya took on her bathing suit before we went, so that she would be ready and could jump right in.

When we arrived and Miya tried with her little toes, she decided no to go at all! Too cold. Jamie followed her decision and was not even to go close and kept a safe distance of at least 5m. Katrin, is always the first when it comes to freezing ice cold waterfalls. I should have brought a wetsuit though. The tiny little bikini would not help much, but anyway. 1…2…3… and I was making my way up to it.

Sh….t! That thing was cold! The water must have came out of a huge bucket of ice cubes right up there. And the water fell with such intensity it felt like bricks falling on my shoulders and head. Boahhhh! Crazy!!! But that’s just the fun right there! I jumped, screamed and splashed like a 3-year-old in a bathtub. Afterwards the cold water tickled on the skin so much that you didn’t even need a towel. Just the pure air felt so warm!

Then it was Micks turn. He didn’t quite splashed like a 3-year-old. Instead he walked in and out like a Viking with dignity and strong-as-a-man as if he does that once a day. Just a tiny “huhh” came out of him. Did he wanted to show off?

If someone would have watched the scene, the title would have been: ’Screaming woman and the strong man!’ Just pure classic :)))

bricks falling on your head
hurry back!!!
so freak’g freez’n coooooold!