Jägermeister Beard Oil (…and bonus Jägermeister Spice Latte) #JagerInspo

Recently we were challenged by Jägermeister to create something awesome with a box of products that they sent to us.

We thought long and hard about what we could do. But realistically it could only be one thing.

Jägermeister Beard Oil.

At first we tried infusing Jägermeister into our beautiful Sweet Almond carrier oil. It didn’t exactly go to plan.

Jägermeister is made with a blend of 56 herbs and spices.

We went ahead and blended a custom beard oil that replicates the flavour profile of classic Jägermeister. This included essential oils such as aniseed, ginger, and citrus peel.

We ended up with a beautiful beard oil that smells of Jägermeister and has the awesome beard conditioning properties that you can expect from an Old Street Barber Co beard oil.

Obviously it had to be bottled in a mini Jägermeister bottle with a custom pipette lid. Perfection!

The lovely people at Linley’s Deli in Honiton, Devon allowed us to shoot some photos of our creation in their store.

After our photoshoot we decided to experiment some more and created an awesome Jägermeister Spice Latte. Check out the video:

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