What if experts from around the world came to your doorsteps to coach you.. what if it was Free ?!

No matter what skill you want to accomplish, there’s likely someone out there who’s already good at it. The fastest known way to get good at something yourself is to find a person who’s already getting the results you want, figure out how they got to where they are, and model your own journey after theirs.

Nonetheless, being able to pick up a new skill quickly in today’s world, is a skill on its own but our typical learning habits aren’t always speedy enough. This is what typically happens:

  1. Being a beginner at something again is uncomfortable to imagine. “What if I am miserable at it and people laugh at me? Let me not commit to it.”
  2. If at all we do commit ourselves to learning something, at the onset we find the journey intimidating. The amount of information to process overwhelms us as we attempt to grasp it all at one go.
  3. This brings frustration as we are not able to chart out a step by step plan to learn and see ourselves not reaching anywhere. This disappointment is the last nail in the coffin and we drop off the idea of learning anything new.

Since the process was not enjoyable but full of stress, it doesn’t seem worth pursuing.

What if the journey of learning was full of fun and facilitation? What if experts from all over the world came to my house to personally coach me for a few days each? What if they did that for FREE? No, I am not day dreaming.

With Stay On Skill one can choose to host a travelling expert who is a master at a skill the host wishes to learn. The expert, in return of the hospitality, spends few hours a day to teach the host his skill. This way one could learn manga art from a Japanese manga artist, amuse bouches from a French chef and so on. A world of learning possibilities open up! That too at no extra cost!

This way of learning becomes almost exotic! One looks forward to hosting experts who come from different parts of world and with them comes along glimpses of other cultures, folk lore and adventure tales ! The learning is conversational, comfortable and encouraging. Its unbounded , its unlimited as one chooses to host as many experts as possible ! And the pace is phenomenal!