Meaningful words on staying true to yourself.

and why money, fame, and power don’t matter

1. Take your shot: with the woman that makes you do a double-take. With the thing you feel most nervous to do. Quit the corporate job. Go travel the world. If you feel strongly about it, do it. We should listen to the “hell yeah” moments our gut shouts at us about.

2. Losing isn’t fun. But winning isn’t fun without knowing what losing feels like. You can’t try to take the big shot, or make a life change, or pick up and go because you are scared of losing. …

People say happiness isn’t found, but I beg to differ.

how to stay happy

I want you to be happier

Happiness is a life’s work of reflection and action, knowing what to subtract and add to your life that may bring or take away well-being, meaning, gratitude, authenticity, and health.

People told me you couldn’t find happiness. Happiness isn’t just something you can snap your fingers for and be.

Can you find happiness or not?

Happiness is a paradox. It comes, goes, ebbs, and flows, yet the more I think about it, research, and learn about happiness, the more I…

Stay True to Yourself

Meaningful words on staying true to yourself.

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