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Music We Are Crushing On: As Written In The Stars by Easy Wanderlings

The ‘Crushing On’ series is part of the larger exercise to find entertainment that is meaningful and most importantly, entertaining.

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Soul, chill, pop, indie, alternative- there are a lot of adjectives that could be used to describe Pune band Easy Wanderlings’ music. But there’s one word that absolutely does justice- magical. Founded by its guitarist Sanyanth Naroth in San Fransisco, Easy Wanderlings has a very international yet rooted feel to its music.

The stand-out track in the album for us is Enjoy It While It Lasts, a soulful mix of beautiful vocals by singer Pratika Gopinath and unplugged guitar strumming that shows us that complicated musicianship is not always required to create magic. Other stand-out tracks are Ode to a Bristlecone, Here’s to You, I For Little Things and Faces. Every single song has a dreamy quality that takes us back to that star-lit night from somewhere in the innocent times of our childhood.

We like Easy Wanderlings’ music not just because of the soulful vibes, but also because of the easy going feeling it imparts. It just proves to us that simple uncomplicated compositions that have their hearts in the right place are all that is required to create musical masterpieces.

To check out their music, click here.



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