This Really Is Clever. And Also Very Dangerous. Be Careful.

Click on the link above and see if you can do the challenge. It doesn’t take long. Here’s my failed attempt below. The program let me keep it, so here it is for posterity.

Five. Minutes.

The count down begins. Jumbled thoughts race through my brain. Oh God why did I click that link. It’s only 7am

But here goes. Thumbs going crazy on the iPhobe.

It’s hard to type. Last night’s writing lesson still in my brain.

Need to write short. No stopping. Aaaargh. Fuck you!

Okay. Compose yourself. It ain’t so hard. That’s it. Don’t use auto correct or swipe. Just key it in.

One letter at a time.

Breathe in breathe out.

Bugger. This thing just told me I failed.

It ate my email address.

My only advice. Don’t hit the delete button. Dont.

Leave your gordamn mistake. Just leave it. Like a ln old fashioned typing test. Just learn to let go.

That’s ttr he secret.

Now go.


And now my alarm goes off.

Well that really was a challenge. 5 minutes to write…anything.

As I look back, the main hurdles were my phone, my mental state and my fingers.

The phone and fingers were the biggest challenge. They stopped the flow. My sleepy brain was already kicking in, but my fat fingers couldn’t hit the keys accurately.

And then there was the Delete key.

Like many beginner writers, I kept editing as I wrote. That lost time. But it was irresistible. The sight of a missplelled word sends murder into my bloodstream. I have to delete it!!

So it’s a creative lesson…even though it’s also an ingenious marketing trick. It turned writing into a challenge, a competition.

Gaming a task is mentally irresistible. It eats at our need to achieve.

Failure keeps fueling this desire to win, since 5 minutes tells our brain that it can’t be that hard.

I will admit that was my 3rd attempt.

Perhaps it is hard.

And fun…

Writing is.