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Staying Spry

Cargos? That’s a no go, bro.

The film industry has deep standing roots that have gotten us to where we are today. We understand that history but we’re out to re-write the way things are heading from here. That starts with our people.

We respect the way things used to be done, but it doesn’t mean we can’t flip the script on old school production. Spry is at the forefront of new ideas and fresh concepts, and seeing as we’re a creative agency that focuses on elevating branded content, we already aren’t following the rules.

Always putting in our all, even for moving portraits.

Bringing projects to life from conception to completion or teaming up with other agencies to complete a project, gives Spry the unique ability to help plan every step of the creative process, including who is on our team. Working for Spry isn’t joining a crew for a single project; it’s working the same dedicated group of creatives every time. We look for individuals who want to grow with a team and aren’t afraid to learn a new way of doing things.

So with all that being said, who is Spry looking for in our team members?

Production Assistants
Our top-notch production assistants always show up on set ready to handle whatever is tasked to them. Being a production assistant with Spry means being the first to respond to any production needs.

You know a PA means business when they show up to set looking like this.

Does a cord need wrapping? It should be the best-coiled cord I’ve ever seen. Do stands need to be moved? Consider it moved. Does boom need holding? You better have your arms ready. We all wear a lot of hats on set and you may find yourself learning and growing towards a particular department. And guess what? Once you’ve mastered other skills, we want you to stay with our team and utilize your new-found abilities with us!

If you want to work as a Production Assistant with Spry, here are some key qualities we look for: great communication skills, ability to anticipate needs, flexibility, and a desire to grow and learn.

Our talented G&E team setting up for a mid-day, full sunlight shot (and keeping it safe).

Grip & Electric
If your pants have 46 pockets and 3 of them have half-empty boxes of cigarettes in them, you may be a little too old school for our crew. Our current go-to team members are energetic and enthusiastic; when not looking too closely you’d swear they have 10 hands each because of how fast they work. We’re always on the lookout for motivated G&E crew that can take charge and work alongside our DPs to bring the vision to life. With so many simultaneous gears turning at once on set, our crew members who can take instructions and turn them into an artfully lit masterpiece are the most valuable.

Obviously, a solid understanding of gear, usage, and safety are important; however, we believe in teaching and growing. If you show an interest and have a passion for the trade, our team of experienced grip heads and sparkies will gladly show you the ropes.

If you want to work as in Grip & Electric with Spry, here are some key qualities we look for: the ability to get down and dirty, good teamwork, technical prowess, adaptability, and an eye for safety.

At Spry, we shoot almost exclusively on the RED platform. If you don’t have prior RED experience it will definitely make it tougher to bring you on to the team.

Directors of Photography & Photographers
Being a part of the Spry team means thinking out of the box and constantly coming up with fresh new concepts. When looking for DPs and photographers, sometimes we get hundreds of applicants. Spry isn’t usually looking for the cam op who has shot for 34 different reality shows or the person who has been shooting news reports for 8 years. To us, the most important aspects of a DP or photographers’ reel or portfolio are its uniqueness, composition, and the ability to tell a story. We love a pretty picture, but we want the message behind it to have soul, passion, and purpose.

Putting yourself into the scene, brings perspective to the story.

Sure, it’s cool that one time someone hired you to shoot a Guy Fieri interview, but if it’s in more than thirty seconds of your reel your talents may be better utilized by another agency. If more than a third of your photography portfolio consists of Lil Wayne photos that have heavy edits and fake flames in the background you might also not be the perfect fit for our team. Before you ask, yes, both of these are real scenarios of reels and portfolios we’ve encountered.

When watching your reel or scrolling through your portfolio for the first time, we want to be captivated by the beauty and ingenuity of your work. Show us your best stuff.

If you want work as a Director of Photography or Photographer with Spry, here are some key qualities we look for: must have a reel or online portfolio, heavy emphasis on creativity and storytelling, out of the box thinking, RED platform experience, ability to work on a full-scale crew, but open to those run and gun scenarios too.

Building out an interview right in the heart of Manhattan.

All Other Positions
For all other positions on our team, we’re looking for crew with a good attitude and a passion for production. To sum it all up, we’re a bunch of hard-working creatives not afraid to get our hands dirty in order to get the job done.

Send us your reels, resumes, websites, and contact info by clicking here. While we are located in Orlando, Florida, we do work all over the country and are accepting applications from everywhere!