Europe’s Cheapest Travel Destinations

When it comes to budget traveling, of course, Europe can be an expensive destination, but instead of going to the more expensive countries like the United Kingdom, France, or Denmark, visit the more unknown countries around Europe where you can save your buck. Especially if you live around Europe, the airfare wouldn’t be too costly as well and you won’t have to endure such a long flight, so it’s perfect to save that hard-earned cash.


Spend about €35 a day, to enjoy yourself around the city of Budapest in Hungary, and make sure to visit its popular sits like Hősök tere, part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, and the largest medicinal bath in Europe, Széchenyi thermal bath. Historical buildings, castles, and museums are also available around the city in addition to you can hot springs, 35euros a day.


The old town of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia has the mixture of antique streets and towers. Overflowing with nordic vibes, visitors can take a look into Tallinn’s past through Rocca-al-Mare Open Air Museum’s common rural Estonian taverns, windmills and watermills. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the well-known onion-domed 1900 Cathedral is also a must visit. The busy, and yet historic Town Hall Square is also a unique experience that the town offers.

Czech Republic

If you love beer more than water, Prague is the perfect place to visit. Fill your belly up with a wide array of beers and its unique experience that each brewery offers. Aside from all the ales, visitors can also immerse themselves in the culture through the different bohemian allure and features of Prague. Spend your days to explore Prazsky Hrad (Prague Castle), the Old Town Hall, and the world-famous astronomical clock in the Old Town Square.


Every Game of Thrones enthusiasts surely would love to visit Croatia for Dubrovnik, or what’s known to fans as King’s Landing. Fans can even venture through an unforgettable cruise and walking tour through the film locations to experience being in the Game of Thrones realm. However, the city is more than just home of the awesome fictional characters of Westeros, but also has a charming old-town vibe filled with historical sites and beautiful sceneries.


Come to the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, to see wonderfully colorful villas and the country’s rich history and culture. The city’s must-see sight is Torre De Belem (Belem Tower), which is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Another place you ought to see is Mosteiro dos Jeronimos (Jeronimos Monastery), where you can see a gothic-style monastery. If you love everything about the sea, visit the Maritime Museum which is perfect for kids and adults. Aside from that, come and see Padrao dos Descobrimento (Monument of the Discoveries), a monument that was built to celebrate the Portugese Age of Discovery.


One of the cheapest capital city in Europe, Sofia is another must-visit. Lying at the foot of a well-known ski mountain, Vitosha, the city offers a captivating old town with an abundant history, including one of the ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Boyana Church. For those who wants a tan, check out Bulgarian Riviera, a beach by the Black Sea Coast where golden sands meet a sunny beach.


When you think of Greece, of course you think of Athens, Panthenon, and all things related to the old Greek mythology. However, if you want to see a gorgeous scenery of the beach and see those colorful houses on the hill, make sure to book a ferry trip to their pretty islands like Mykonos and Santorini. With its beautiful nature and architecture, there is no reason not to visit Greece, especially since it’s also budget friendly.


Last but definitely not least, for lovers of old towns and buildings, visit Kraków, where you can different old church buildings from the regal cathedral to the gothic, museums, castles, temples, and parks. Not only that, avid hikers can also trek along the trails of Tatra Mountains, the highest mountain in Poland that also happens to be a border between Slovakia and Poland.