Things to Know Before You Stay With a Host

Do you know that it’s cheaper to stay with a local host compared to staying at a hotel? is the new thing for many young travelers. At Marta, we’re connecting awesome hosts who love Jesus with travelers like you! Our hosts go through an application process and a direct follow-up with us to ensure that they’re trustworthy and able to give the best home stay experience to guests.

But, there are things that YOU should know and do before staying with a host.

Connect with Host
You can connect to the host using the contact form on every listing page on Marta. It’s a good idea to get to know people who you’re gonna stay with. You can ask anything from housing conditions, rules and regulations or any travel logistics with the host.

Review the listing
Check that the listing provides comprehensive information, including a complete description of the place and good quality photographs. If there is some missing information on the listing, you can request the host to provide you with more information. A good host is one who provides exhaustive details and descriptions of their listing. So pay more attention to comprehensive listings, including information about the place and the neighborhood.

Know what you need
Know what you would need for your trip — would you mind sharing a common room with another guest? Perhaps you don’t mind paying a little extra for more privacy? Do you need a fully functional kitchen, etc? Once you are set with your travel requirements, you can narrow down the listings that match your needs.

Don’t rush to book
Before sending a reservation request, check availability on your travel dates. If you don’t hear back from the host, don’t proceed with your booking.

Customer supports team
If you smell something fishy with the host’s requests (e.g. asking you to transfer payment to their bank account directly, etc.), please flag this message and alert us.

Secure payments
All transactions are facilitated via our secure payment system.

Never transact offline by cash or through direct money transfer services such as Western Union or Money Gram.

If the host asks you to pay by cash or money transfer, please alert us.

Do a once-over
Upon arrival, do a quick spot-check of the place. If something’s amiss (e.g. non-functioning air con, etc.) let your host know immediately. You can also contact us for immediate assistance.

StayMarta is a Christian hospitality marketplace connecting travelers with local hosts and various type of accommodations. We are providing safe lodgings with Christian values that travelers can book through our online platform.

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